Week 4 Learning Activities

22 Jun

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Learning Activity #1  Motivation

This learning activity requires you to role-play.  Henrietta, your manager, a person you are not thrilled to work with, walks into the office and says to you, “The company is willing to give you a twenty percent raise if you agree to work with me every other Sunday. You have a family with young children and are currently a UMUC student take several courses at a time. To say the least, you are stretched beyond your means!


Learning Activity #2  Human Resource Management

Declan Debois is the new Human Resource Officer.  There is an opening in the design department for a new graphic artist and Declan’s first assignment is to find the best candidate for the job.  The job is part of a new project that will change the company’s brand in a major way.  Sales have been down and the new branding project is critical to keeping the company going.  The graphic artist is a necessity to ensure the making of a great sales marketing plan.

How should Declan go about his new job?  Explain the best process to use and include a description of why recruitment and selection of employees is critical to placing the right person in a job and how it impacts the company’s success.

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