Week 2 Learning Activities

22 Jun

To complete the learning activities, please create a new thread for each theme and identify in the subject line the theme for which you are responding. Students are expected to post to each theme by Thursday and to at least two other students (across all themes) by Sunday.

In responding to both the learning activities and to other students, please be sure to use the course material using in-text citations and a reference list to cite the source(s) used. Remember, an in-text citation cannot exist without having a corresponding reference list and a reference list cannot exist without having a corresponding in-text citation.   In learning how to use the course material and your own research, avoid using direct quotes and instead paraphrase.

To respond to Learning Activities, click on the blue hyperlink.

Week Two 

Learning Activity #1: Overseas Markets

1. Expanding overseas for a business is tricky. Aside from the cultural differences, the ways of doing business, the legal systems, and the economic systems present challenges to a business from another country.  Explain in detail what challenges face a business when they expand into overseas market and suggest possible ways that a business can overcome the challenges.


2. There are four common ways for a firm to expand its operations into overseas markets: importing, exporting, licensing, and franchising.

  • Select the one method that you would use if you were the CEO of a large company.  Then, explain in detail why this approach is particularly appealing.  Be sure to define what the method is and how the method benefits or does not benefit a company.  Be sure to use concepts from the course readings to support the reasoning or conclusions.
  • Note: When explaining importing and exporting options, pay attention to the discussion last week about the balance of trade.  You may want to review the information on this in the Exploring Business chapters.



Learning Activity #2: Globalization 


In this learning activity, students will role play.  Imagine you are a business executive who is deciding between launching a website in English only or Multilanguage which is very expensive. The product she sells is moderately priced. It is something that might be found in a Target here in the US. It is geared for the middle class. Based on the readings and the video, Emerging Middle Class- Changing Global Marketplace under week 2 content, what choice would you make?  Be sure to explain your answer and support your reasoning using the course readings.



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