The Song of Roland

18 Jun

1 essay (5-6 pages; complete with references; MLA documentation)


topic:  The Song of Roland


* Essay here means critical essay. It is not a book report or plot summary. The following distinction made by John R. Trimble should be helpful:

The difference between a plot summary and a critical analysis is analogous to the difference between (a) an account of the highlights of the Vietnam War and (b) an explanation of how the United States happened to get into it, why [they] stayed in it, and what its effects have been on [them]. A plot summary begins with no thesis or point of view; it merely recapitulates the facts. A critical analysis, on the other hand, takes a viewpoint and attempts to prove its validity; its object is to help the reader make better sense of something he [or she] is already familiar with. (Trimble, 25-26;

** Please consult the MLA Handbook to ensure the proper style for citations and bibliography.


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