CSM80008 Location-based Management for Construction

04 Jun

2017 – CSM80008 Location-based Management for Construction – Assignment 3
(Due June 2nd, 2017)
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Important instructions:
(i) The assignment answers should be submitted in a combination of hardcopy and
softcopy format before the deadline.
For late submissions, penalties might be considered.
(ii) You are required to attach an assignment coversheet (signed).
(iii) Plagiarism should be strictly avoided. You may find more details on plagiarism
from the link:
(iv) You should use the Harvard System for citations, quotations and references.
Due date
Assignment 3 is due 5pm Friday 2nd June 2017.
You are required to complete the scheduling of the all the residential building blocks in
the project “New Camp” for
Kazakh Projects Joint Venture Limited. This is a real project
from the oil fields of Kazakstan. Please pay particular attention to the climate.
You are required to work in teams of three to submit the following components:
A group summary location-based schedule using Vico Schedule Planner. This
should clearly identify using “Milestones” the target dates and stages. This
should be a single page intended for the client.
A report explaining what you have done to create the location-based schedule and
why you consider the result to be a “good” schedule. You should also illustrate
the location breakdown structure with diagrams, as well as the planned sequence
of work.
Individually identifiable parts are also required (pick one each):
An individual schedule of a single double block in more detail than the summary
An analysis of the structural cycle in more detail across all buildings
A resource analysis for the entire project.
One of the key issues to manage is the sheer quantity of locations (each block has two
wings with four floors with approx 75 apartments per wing/floor = 600 approx
apartments! )
Rules & process sequence
The following materials are on Blackboard:
1. You are given project drawings in a compressed ZIP file. Use these to develop an
understanding of the project. In particular the development of a project LBS with
work sequencing. The documents provided are:
a. New Camp Conceptual Functional Specification
b. Masterplan

2017 – CSM80008 Location-based Management for Construction – Assignment 3
(Due June 2nd, 2017)
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c. Levels 1& 2 drawing
d. Levels 3 & 4 drawing
e. Key Dates (to be used in developing your detailed schedule)
Assessment criteria
Submitted schedules will be evaluated by the following criteria:
1. The assessment is of a location-based schedule. You are NOT being assessed on your
knowledge of building systems.
2. The quality of the location-based schedule, as indicated by work flow, continuity and
balanced use of resources. All within the time constraints.
3. The use of location-based logic in constructing the location-based schedule,
a. Location-breakdown structure
b. Task definition
c. Logic including structural cycles
d. Continuity
e. Risk management (buffers)
Oral Exam
You will present your work in a group and individually in an oral exam early in the week
commencing Tuesday 13
th June, 2017. More details to follow.



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