25 May

There are 5 Discussions, each of them is independent. Write an 1 page essay for each of the  discussion.

Discussion 1

  1. How would you talk to a friend with an eating disorder?
  2. How do you overcome obsticles to physical activity? Take a look at table 11.2 on page 337. Any other advice you have that may not be listed.
  3. Describe the Fit prescription for one of the following:
  4. Cardiorespiratory fitness B. Muscular strength and endurance C. Flexibility training

Discussion 2

1.What are three lifestyle changes you could make right now that would reduce your risk of developing an infectious disease?

  1. Vaccine Backlash: Are they safe and Necessary?

Discussion 3

  1. Debate whether rational suicide should be legalized for the terminally ill. What restrictions would you include in a law?

choose one of the following to discuss:

  1. How is ageism reflected in our society? Give examples of how the elderly are portrayed in movies and on television.
  2. As the older population grows, how will it affect your life? Would you be willing to pay higher taxes to support government social programs for older adults? Why or why not?

Discussion 4

Choose 2 of the following to discuss:

  1. Do you believe zero population growth is an answer to the growing population problem? What strategies would you suggest to address the preference for large families in developing countries?
  2. Describe strategies you can personally engage in to reduce environmental pollution to protect your own health.
  3. What are the causes and consequences of global warming? What can you individuall and others do to reduce the threat of global warming?
  4. How can we promote recycling as a way to reduce the amount of waste in landfills?

Discussion 5

Lance Armstrong-Cheater: After years of aggressive denials, one of our most decorated athletes, road racing cyclist Lance Armstrong finally admitted that he had taken performance-enhancing drugs during his 7 Tour De France victories. His drug use included EPO, a banned blood booster and testosterone. He admitted that blood doping and steroid use was just as much a part of the routine as “pumping up his tires.”

Lance Armstrong-Humanitarian: In 1997 cancer survivor Lance Armstrong began the Lance Armstrong Foundation- now referred to has the Livestrong Foundation. It is reported that the foundation has raised over 470 million dollars since its inception. Eighty percent of the money  raised is put into programs and services for survivors. In may 2004 the Livestrong yellow silicone bracelet was marketed by Nike and brought awareness and money to the foundation. There have been over 80 million wristbands sold to date. I own a few myself.

Chose any of the following or start your own topic- Just recently Payton Manning was accused of using HGH and others are saying the use of HGH is HUGE in the NFL.-

Are athletes so determined to win at all cost? what causes athletes to turn to drugs?

Is there an addiction to PEDs (performance enhancing drugs)?

What’s the relationship of steroids to cancer, if any?

Will the Livestrong foundation continue to inspire and aid cancer victims? Do you look at or make a different association towards the yellow cancer wristband?

What role does marketing, media, and sponsorship play, if any?


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