breastfeeding is inevitably the best for child development

25 May

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Topic would be : breastfeeding is inevitably the best for child development 



The purpose of this project is for students to gain greater depth of knowledge for and understanding of one of the key controversies in the field of human development. Each team will pick a controversy from the ones i listed so that each team has a unique topic. The process and procedure for this project is outlined after the assignment details.

The final product for this project will be a 9 page TEAM social policy paper on your teams synthesis of the topic and your teams agreed upon solution to the issue. This project requires a minimum of 10 APA format scholarly peer reviewed journal articles as sources.

In addition to the paper you will write a 3 metacognitive reflection on what you individually learned from this project.

Formal Constructive Controversy Process and Procedure:

n     1. Create the best case for their positions. Students thoroughly research the issue, then organize and frame logical, compelling, well-reasoned arguments.


n     2. Present the best case for their positions. Students present their arguments persuasively. While each side presents, the other listens, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments.


n     3. Engage in open discussion. At this point, students on both sides continue to advocate for their positions while attempting to refute the evidence and the reasoning of the other side.


n     4. Reverse perspectives. Pairs switch sides, adopting the point of view they earlier tried to refute. The job of each pair is now to present the best case for what was previously the opposing position. In turn, they listen as the other side presents the best case for what used to be its position.


n     5. Synthesize. Opposing pairs join together to select the best reasoning from both positions and meld them into a new position to which all can agree. The entire group then writes a joint report explaining the synthesis, including a thesis statement, a rationale, and a conclusion.


n     Research 1st perspective and come up with at least 10 key arguments (20min)


n     Pro Side Presents arguments (10 min)


n     Con Side Presents arguments (10 Min)


n     Rebuttal period-maintain sides(10 min)


n     Reverse perspective & Research (15m)


n     Repeat process (20min)


n     Drop perspective & synthesize (10-20min)


n     Hand in digital synthesis as a team.



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