International marketing campaign

18 May
Your fully owned independent 6* island resort is running at a loss. A consultant has identified six possible solutions:
option a) The International marketing campaign to the current target market (rooms are $2000 a night).
option b) Shift to 4* family resort by lowering service standards and rebranding the resort.
option c) Invite guest celebrities for a ‘survivor’ reality show to generate publicity.
option d) Sack the current leadership group and employ a new management team (with a track record) to develop a new vision (whatever that may turn out to be).
option e) Sell the resort for profit.
option f) Donate the resort to the government to create a national park.
The resort has been a good investment for you plus provided you with prestige and leverage in other business matters. But it’s just one of your numerous business interests.
Using relevant tools evaluate solutions to the problem
for the above-recommended solutions by a consultant to the hotel. we need to use any of the two following techniques to evaluate all the above-recommended solutions and come up with best two solutions with a good explanation ( but we need to evaluate all the 6 solutions with same 2 techniques)
the techniques are
1. categorization, elimination and ranking
2. affinity diagram
3.screening matrix
4.Decision making
5. Pareto analysis
We can choose any two techniques and have to apply to the given 6 options in points a to f. (Note: Same tools have to be used: For example if you select Pareto analysis and decision making, all the 6 options will be evaluated with these two techniques only.

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