Assignment 2

10 May

Assignment 2


Due date: Friday Week 10 – Midnight (Darwin time)
Length: 10 pages
Value: 30 %
Task You have been just appointed Export Manager of a medium sized

Australian winery HolyCow  Pty Ltd . The Marketing Director has appointed you because the company wants to go global.  The Managing Director has heard that India, Vietnam and southern China (Hong Kong) represent good prospects.

Your first task is to prepare a pre-feasibility report on the key factors to be borne in mind in preparing to tackle these markets. Your report and recommendations will be discussed at the monthly sales and marketing meeting and you will be expected to subsequently make a presentation at the Company’s next Board meeting.  The company currently crushes almost 5000 tonnes of grapes per year and has a good reputation as a medium and high end quality manufacturer.

Preparation Read the assigned readings for topics 3,12,14 of the Textbook –
  “International Business – The Challenge of Globalisation”.)
Presentation Assignments are to be typed, with one and a half line spacing, and be in 12-point font.
Assessment Presentation:
   Neatness, layout, correct spelling and grammar, page numbering,
  consistency of formatting and font size, and readability.
  Integrated Discussion of Topic
  Answer clearly demonstrates a good understanding of the topic and presents ideas/views in a balanced manner with a well-integrated and complex style.
Research and Referencing
Use ‘peer reviewed’ journal articles or appropriate reference
articles/texts considered of high academic standard.
Use country reports by various government trade related organisations (esp. USA, Australia, New Zealand), and industry publications e.g. AWBC

Correct referencing in-text and in reference list

[you must use CDU Harvard referencing style, according to the style guide available at



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