LCS/COM 430 Film Studies

09 May

LCS/COM 430 Film Studies

Final Paper


5-7-pages, double-spaced, default margins, Times New Roman Font

In addition, Title Page, Works Cited Page


Section A: Due Monday, May 15th at 10am to the link at Blackboard.

Section B: Due Tuesday May 9th at 2pm to the link at Blackboard.


Consult “Writing about Movies,” Gocsik, Barsam and Monahan as a writing guide.


Description: Your final assignment is a critical analysis— formal or cultural analysis in the language of “Writing about Movies”– of a particular film of your choosing. Select a film that has not been discussed at great length in class, in the book, or viewed as part of the course. You may select a film that you have written about for a film comment assignment. The purpose is to synthesize and apply learning from the semester. A critical analysis in this context is concerned to interpret the meaning of a film or to explore the film in relation to some relevant cultural framework. In both cases your critical analysis will make a claim about the implicit meaning of the film and produce a detailed formal analysis of its cinematic language in at least one key scene.


Use your course book “Writing About Movies” as guide to the writing process. The book has a handy glossary of terms—use it! While you will be focusing upon the role of cinematic language in meaning making, consider the whole context of the film—look at the “thinking beyond the frame” section of the book. Do research on the scholarly reception of the film. How has the film been interpreted by film scholars? What are you adding to the scholarly discussion that precedes you?


Criteria for evaluation:

  • Coherent, relevant, interesting interpretation of the film as a whole. The writer knows the film well and makes his or her own contribution to its interpretation.
  • Visual analysis connecting form and content. The writer is able to connect his or her interpretation of the film’s implicit meaning to the cinematic language that she/he has been studying during the course of the semester. The writer shows how cinematic language contributes to the meaning of the film.
  • Relevant, effective and coherent use of cinematic terminology. Writer knows the correct terms to make clear the details of his/her visual analysis.
  • Suitable, relevant scholarly sources to support analysis. Properly site sources. Writer knows something about how the film has been interpreted and is able to situate his or her own contribution to this existing body of work.
  • Write clearly and correctly, develop coherent thesis, provide clear argumentative structure for paper. Writer is able to effectively deliver their ideas through the scholarly essay.
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