Mechinacal services

04 May



Please carefully read all documents. Any queries should be raised with the Teacher during class time.


All submissions are required to follow the procedures & polices set out for MP Higher Education Students.


The Project will be Assessed in 2 equal Parts:


Note: Research will be required to complete this project. Please ensure to reference the relevant source. 



Project Briefing


General Manager at the Council is considering awarding your team to a new project in Altona North. The General Manager has invited you to submit a report describing some key items relating to how you would manage the construction activities. Your report needs to include at least the requirements below.


Part (1).Report


(A). Project Monitoring and Control

Please provide details on your plans to monitor and control the project. Provide examples of reports you plan to use ie. Weekly Reports..

(B). Project Quality

Provide an example Quality Control Checklist on one of the key elements that your company will use to control quality.

(C). Project Risk

Provide a Risk Plan for the site. Closely following the relevant Australian Standard, provide details.

(D). Project Safety

Provide examples from your Project File on each of the items below:

  • Co-ordination Plan
  • Site Induction
  • Example of a SWMS
  • Incident Report Template

(E). Project Schedule

This schedule needs to incorporate all stages of the project including preliminaries and site setup. Schedule needs to identify:

  • Critical Path
  • Allocate Equipment/Plant
  • Allocation of Staff. Including, Site labour, Sub-Contractors, Site foreman, Site Supervisor, Project Manager
  • Allocation of Materials, Sundries
  • Cost estimates on each task




Presentation Requirements:

As the proposed Project Manager for the Construction of the development, the Council has now requested a presentation by the Project Team highlighting your Project Schedule.


Note: Reports are required to be submitted directly before Presentation. Presenters are reminded that this is required to be a professionally conducted Presentation. Presenters simply reading content will not be seen favourably. Time constraints will be enforced.







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