ITEC 626

29 Apr
  • Please keep the full text of the question as part of your answering sheet.  You can use this file as a template.
  • Be as clear and objective as you can in all questions and be sure you are answering what is asked.
  • Justify and defend all your answers, showing clearly how you obtain your results.
  • The exam is open book and open notes, but the exam is to be taken in accordance with the UMUC Honor Code – e.g., do not collaborate or seek help from anyone else.
  • If the questions appear ambiguous or unclear, email the instructor for clarification.



Class:  ITEC 626


  1. Emerging technology (30 points)
  2. Can we have fog computing without cloud computing? Defend your answer.  Your answer should convey clearly that you understand the concept of fog and cloud computing and how the two may or may not interplay.  If you just answered with a simple “yes” or “no”, you would not get much credit.  (20 points)
  3. One student defined fog computing using the term “edge of the network”. What does “edge of the network” mean and how is that relevant to fog computing?  (10)


  1. computer network management (30 points)
  2. What is the most common protocol used to manage a computer network? (10 points)
  3. List at least 5 functions that one can do with this protocol in the course of managing the network (10 points).
  4. Earlier in the semester we learned about the 7 layer of Open System Interconnection (OSI). Which layer does the software that manages computer network belong to?  Explain your answer (10 points)
  5. Fundamental of networking (40 points)

Quality of Service (QoS) is an important concept, but it is also controversial because it goes against the concept of net neutrality.

  1. How is QoS implemented in computer network and at which OSI level? (10 points)
  2. What is net neutrality? Why does it conflict with QoS? (15 points)
  3. Is QoS a good or a bad idea? Please give the pros and cons of QoS.  Give an example why it is good.  Give another example why it is bad.  Justify your answer. (15 points)


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