Internal Environmental Analysis

20 Apr

Outline for Project – Part 2
I. Internal Environmental Analysis (What are the company strengths and weaknesses
that can be used to exploit opportunities and threats?)
A. Research and Development
B. Production
C. Marketing
D. Human Resources Management
E. Finance/Accounting
II. Strategic Analysis
A. Generation of Alternatives
a. Concentration
b. Market development
c. Market penetration
d. Product development
e. Backward vertical integration
f. Forward vertical integration
g. Horizontal integration
h. Diversification – related or unrelated
i. Retrenchment
j. Divestiture
k. Harvest
l. Bankruptcy
m. Merger
n. Acquisition
o. Joint venture
p. Strategic alliance
B. Selection of Strategic Alternatives
C. Implementation of Strategic Alternatives
Internal Environmental Analysis
– Discuss 3 topics.
– Finance/Accounting must be one of the topics. (Provide information about at least three
financial ratios to describe strengths and weaknesses.)
– Discuss in terms of strengths and weaknesses for the COMPANY.
Strategic Analysis
– Discuss at least 3 possible alternatives. (Make a case for why these are selected as
possible alternatives.)
– Explain why you selected the one (or combination) of strategies you selected to be
– Provide general information regarding how strategic alternatives will be implemented.

Writing/Typing Requirements:
– The paper should be typed double-spaced.
– Use topics/subtopics to separate your paper.
– Use good writing style – introductory/ conclusion sentences for paragraphs, complete
sentences, transitions between paragraphs/sections
– References – you should have at least 6 references and you should put them at the end of
the paper (use whatever style you like on this as long as the references are complete). Be
sure you indicate in the body of the paper where the references are used.
– Please write in your own words – “borrowing” significant portions of quoted material
without attributing it to an author is plagiarism. Even if you use your own words and
they are not your thoughts, you still need to reference the material. (NOTE: I will run
papers through a plagiarism program, so be careful to use your own work.)
– Use tables for financial information (also acceptable to use tables for other information).
Put the tables at the end of the paper and number them (also number them within the
body of the paper) as shown:
Table 1 here
This paper is likely to be 6 – 10 pages, typed double-spaced.

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