Assessment Task 3:

18 Apr

Assessment Task 3:

Title: Solution Application – individual task (use a presentation format you think most suitable)

Due date: Sunday, April 23, 2017 by 5:00 pm

Word limit: 2000 words excluding reference list and appendices

Weighting/Value: 30%

Presentation requirements:

In this assignment you are expected to follow the problem solving stages (start with course Topics 1-3) to

identify a specific problem, generate and evaluate solutions and devise an implementation plan.

You should take some time to identify a suitable problem for this assignment. This may have been, say, a past

problem you’ve encountered at work, a situation reported in the media or a case study based on a fictitious

scenario. Your task is to address this problem in a new way by application of tools and methods starting with

those enunciated by Wood et al. (2009). Four (at the minimum) academic references should be cited.

Specific tasks or report elements:

  1. Problem background
  2. Problem definition
  3. Solution generation
  4. Solution evaluation
  5. Implementation and action plan

Marking criteria – items listed below do not necessarily carry equal weight:

Refer Moodle – Assessment Task 3 – for marking criteria

Estimated return date: Within two weeks of the due date or date submitted – whichever is the latter

Learning objectives assessed: Objectives that are assessed may include the following:


K1 Define the rational problem solving process and distinguish among problem-types

K2 Identify implicit assumptions, constraints, and biases in problem solving and decision making

K3 Recognise and avoid errors in reasoning and decision-making

K5 Compare and contrast the strengths, weaknesses and requirements of various research techniques

applicable to managerial decision making


S1 Critique and synthesise the literature relevant to a selected business or organisation to define problems

or identify decision-making situations

S2 Apply problem solving tools and methods to analyse patterns and relationships for developing solutions

S4 Devise and apply a process to improve employee decision-making

S5 Prepare a written report to justify, interpret, and communicate problem-solutions to stakeholders

Application of knowledge and skills

A1 Identify and evaluate problem contexts, explanations and alternative solutions in the work-place

Submission details: The solution application is to be submitted via Moodle.

Penalties for late lodgement: A penalty of 10 per cent of the mark allocated to this assessment task will be

deducted for each day late.

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