13 Apr

Event Bid Instructions


For this assignment, you will first select your topic (a city from North America) on the Discussion Board.  You may not select a city that has been previously selected by another classmate.  Recent candidate/host cities of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and Vancouver also may not be selected.  The Event Bid: Topic Selection is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 1.


Once you have selected a city, you will prepare a 2024 summer or 2026 winter Olympic Games bid.  The assignment must be presented as a PowerPoint presentation which will be submitted in Blackboard and also posted in a Discussion Board forum for other students to view and later provide comments for the Event Bid Comments assignment due in Module/Week 5.  You must provide a visually pleasing presentation which provides an adequate description without overloading individual slides with information.


The Event Bid: Presentation is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 4.


The following information (which is loosely based on the IOC’s requirements for candidate cities) should be completed for this project:


  1. Title slide
    1. Must include the student’s name and the name of the bid city
  2. Descriptive information
    1. General overview of the games concept and legacy
      1. Purpose/vision for the hosting the games
      2. Anticipated dates for the games
  • Sentimental reasons for selecting your city
  1. Population and demographics
    1. Per capita income
    2. Racial description
  • Other relevant demographic information
  1. Geography and Meteorology
    1. Description of weather during games time
    2. Geographical features of importance or interest
  2. City Description
    1. Historical notes
    2. Key industries
  • Cultural environment
  1. Previous sport/event hosting experience
    1. International and major events
    2. One time and regular events
  • Previous international bids (successful or not)



  1. Infrastructure
    1. Hospitality
      1. Number of hotel rooms available for visitors
      2. Concept for the athletes village including post-games use
    2. Sport Facilities
      1. Existing athletic/public assembly facilities which could be used
      2. Required additional facilities to adequately host games
  • Planned post-event use of main Olympic stadium
  1. Transportation
    1. Existing mass transit capabilities
    2. Required changes/upgrades
  • Post-event transit benefits
  1. Political/Social Issues
    1. Anticipated political or social problems that should be addressed
    2. Security plan/resources available
    3. Anticipated impacts on residents before, during, and after the games


Sources for all information used must be provided using APA format.  You must use current, original sources to gather information (pages such as Wikipedia,, etc, are not acceptable for this level of work).  Rather than including a reference page, you should place sources in the “notes” window below the power point slide in which the source information is used.  Leave a blank line between each separate source in the notes window.  This project must be your sole work, according to the Liberty University honor code.







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