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03 Apr





`                        WORK PLAN & DELIVERABLES


                                                                                                                                                      ABS Staffing Solutions LLC










  • Financial Operations                                   Date


  1.  The Company should immediately upgrade the “bookkeeper” position to a more highly skilled                                  COMPLETED

Junior Accountant position so that it has in place someone who can easily substitute interimally

for the Controller in the event of his sudden or unanticipated absence.


  1.  As soon as a new Junior Accountant and Operations Supervisor for the Company are in place, a                    COMPLETED

“division of responsibilities” should be implemented between these functions as more specifically



  1.  Once a Junior Accountant is in place and fully operational, serious consideration should be given

to a plan for phasing out (replacing) the current Controller with a more skilled Financial Manager

with experience and skills to assume not only Controller function, but to serve as a strategic financial                       IN PROCESS/ TBC

advisor to Ariel and the COO in running the business.


  1.  Once the Finance/Controller function is stabilized, the Company should evaluate options for

outsourcing this function and determine if this would be more cost effective and efficient for

the Company rather than running it in-house                                                                                                          IN PROCESS/TBC


  1.  Consideration should be given to whether the LLC status of the Company is the best legal/financial                         WHEN CPA FIRM

structure for the Company and and its Sole Member or whether it should be filed as an S or C-Corp.                     IS ENGAGED

This determination should be made by an appropriate and experienced legal and/or financial advisor.


  1.  There should be a monthly P&L (Income Statement) and Balance Sheet produced by the Controller.                          COMPLETED

The P&L (Income Statement) should include a clear delineation of the “Temp Gross Margin” for the

month which is a crucial financial marker for the Company.


  1.  Consideration should be given to evaluating options for financing payroll in the future should that

become necessary for cash flow reasons.                                                                                                 AT FUTURE DATE








  1.   The Company should evaluate whether Direct Pay is the best payroll outsourcing arrangement to

support the Company particularly as it plans its next phase of growth.                                                                    AT FUTURE DATE


  1.   As insurance polices, services and other commodity procurement expire or come due, the Company

should obtain competitive pricing from alternative vendors to be sure ABS is obtaining the most                             ON-GOING

competitive pricing for these Company resources and services.                                                                               PROCESS


  1.   All functions, processes, systems and controls in the Finance Department should be clearly documented             IN PROCESS/ TBC


  1.   The Company should interview several Certified Professional Service Firms with direct experience in                     IN PROCESS/TBC

the staffing industry and select one to replace the current CPA used by the Company. The new firm

should be immediately engaged to reconcile the current reported financial statements and determine the

best approach to preparing the end of year Financial Statements for the Company as well as be available

to provide advice on any important accounting issues/matters relevant to the Company.


  1.   A clear, documented process and protocol should be established for managing collections/receivables.           IN PROCESS/TBC

The Company should also engage a reputable Collection Agency to handle longstanding pending

receivables below a certain dollar threshold, and engage the services of an attorney on a contingency

basis to litigate larger receivable claims. These aging receivable matters should not linger on as they

currently do in a number of cases.


  1.   A projected Revenue and Expense Budget should be prepared at the beginning of each fiscal year so that        COMPLETED

the Company has a roadmap to evaluate and monitor Company performance against financial goals for

the year.


  1.   A financial Pro-forma should be developed for the next three years projecting the planned financial                             IN PROCESS/TBC

growth and profitability of the Company


  1.  Consideration should be given to increasing funding capacity of Company Temp Payroll for future growth                 AT FUTURE DATE






2.0   Environment                                                                                                                           Date


  1.   Evaluate whether there are other affordable, move-in condition office spaces in the vicinity of ABS to                          COMPLETED

consider for relocation. This is probably unlikely due to the low rental cost of the current space and

thin margins for being able to absorb the cost associated with a move and any increase in rent.

Alternatively, renew the current lease and renovate the current space including painting; new

carpeting/flooring, removal of the existing sink (if not too cost prohibitive) and hanging inexpensive,

but attractive wall pictures. For financial and operational reasons, the latter is likely the more realistic

option. At some point when the company grows to scale, it will naturally grow out of the space it is

currently in and it can then plan an orderly move to a better building and more modern space.


  1.   Relocate current office supplies in the coat closet to an appropriate storage cabinet                                                    COMPLETED


  1.   Clean up all computer wiring under desktops during office renovation                                                                        IN PROCESS/ TBC


  1.   Order new, inexpensive, but attractive sign for entrance door to the ABS office; replace current door                           IN PROCESS/TBC

with window cut-out and buzzer and close main office door during office operations


  1.   Order small, wall mounted flat screen monitor in reception area and use to video/scroll information                            IN PROCESS/TBC

about ABS Staffing which can be viewed by visitors and also use this monitor for vide-conferencing

for remote staff.


  1.   Arrange for conference phone for table in main entrance to facilitate communication with remote calls              COMPLETED


  1.   Scan paper which has not been filed, discard unnecessary paper records that do not need to be                          IN PROCESS/TBC

maintained and order new lateral files for paper records that are not worth scanning, but need to

be maintained.


  1.   Consider archiving inactive candidate files that must be maintained according to applicable law, but                             IN PROCESS/TBC

currently take valuable space in ABS office.





3.0     On-Boarding | HR | Office Management                                                                                    Date



  1.   Hire a “hands-on” Operations Supervisor to be responsible for all on-boarding activities                                  COMPLETED

(including credentialing and verification of Temp employees); HR processes and activities,

and all Office Management functions including, answering company phones and greeting



  1.   Document workflow diagram outlining procedures and a “division of responsibility” for the                                         COMPLETED

end-to-end on-boarding process up through provisioning Temp Employees on payroll.


  1.   Ensure that all Temp Employees’ credentials have been verified accurately, loaded timely into                                       COMPLETED

the Resource Tracker system and are up to date.


  1.   Ensure that all central ABS HR files are up to date and contain all required documents.                                               COMPLETED


  1.   Prepare New Employee Handbook for all ABS central employees and all Temporary/Contract                                     CONPLETED

employees. This should be accessible in an on-line format.


  1.   Prepare Job Descriptions for all positions in the Company and include measurable performance                        COMPLETED

goals for each position.


  1.   Develop an improved system for processing and managing Unemployment, Worker’s Compensation                            COMPLETED

and OSHA claims. Consider whether it is financially prudent and efficient for these claims to be

handled by an outsourced party/vendor


  1.   Develop a simple Probationary and Annual Performance Review for all ABS staff.                                                       IN PROCESS/ TBC


  1.   Develop a clear, documented Commission Program for eligible ABS positions.                                                            COMPLETED









  1.   Develop an Orientation Checklist and Training Schedule for New Employees and Explore

Low Cost Professional Development Opportunities for the Recruiters                                                                        IN PROCESS/TBC


  1.   Convert current vacation, sick and personal Leave to New PTO Leave Program; Prepare PTO                                         COMPLETED

Policy and Develop System for recording and tracking use of PTO accruals


  1.   Convert the paper intake and onboarding forms to an on-line paperless format on an iPad.                                            AT FUTURE DATE



4.0     Recruiting Operations                                                                                              


  1.  Re-structure the Recruitment Team so there is a clear division of responsibility for Clients and

Job Orders, and at the same time ensure that the Recruiters work together as an effective team

to share candidates, leads etc.                                                                                                                                        COMPLETED


  1.  Strip away from the Recruiters the administrative and clerical tasks that currently distract them                                      COMPLETED

from focusing solely on sourcing candidates, coordinating candidate referrals and maximizing

time to fill performance.


  1.  Document the workflow, protocols and expectations for the Recruiting function so that new

ABS hires in this area can hit the ground running when they start employment.                                                                COMPLETED


  1.  All Recruiters should be expected to to handle “end to end” candidate sourcing, recruiting and                              COMPLETED

Referral of candidates for all Temp/Contract positions.


  1.  Consideration should be given to re-aligning the Recruiters so that several work solely on                                               COMPLETED

Temp/Contract jobs and others on Perm positions. Naturally there will be some overlap among

the Recruiters, but the goal should be to move in this direction.








  1.  All Recruiters should be provided written performance goals and expectations and be                                              COMPLETED

evaluated on meeting these goals monthly.


  1.  The Recruiters should be encouraged to participate in Professional Development activities on

line and where appropriate, at professional forums provided this doesn’t interfere with their

fulfilling their recruiting activities during the day.                                                                                                         SALLY TO F/U


  1.  Immediately institute a Daily Rap Meeting so that Management and the Recruiters are intimately                                  COMPLETED

involved in “real time” of all recruitment activities, priorities, and problems so they can be

immediately responded to. This format should also help build a positive team spirit of cooperation

among the Recruiters.


  1.  Move Randi off the front desk and into the room with the other Recruiters. Hire her as a regular                         COMPLETED

employee and give her a set of clear performance expectations.


  1.  Align Roya in the Executive Search Practice areas with Paulina, give her a job description and                                         COMPLETED

develop a clear set of goals and revenue expectations for her, Paulina and the Executive Search

Practice. Additionally, document what is expected of her in the social media/marketing area to

support ABS


  1.  Implement and communicate to all of the Recruiters a simple commission program directly                                             COMPLETED

related to the achievement of certain prescribed performance goals.


  1.  Hire a fourth Recruiter to work alongside Anne, Randi and Nelcida. This complement                                                     COMPLETED

of Recruiting staff should be sufficient to enable ABS grow to at least 50-75 continuous Temps/

Contract Employees on Payroll resulting in approximately $5-7Million in Revenue. This is

separate from Contingency and Retained Perm Revenue which should also show a substantial



  1.  Significantly Improve “ Time to Fill” and “Placement” Performance on open job orders                                                    SALLY TO F/U





5.0   Systems & Technology                                                                                                            Date



  1.   At some point in near future consideration should be given to exploring other ATS/CRM

software available in the market to support the ABS business which parallel’s the “ease of use”

of Resource Tracking , but which provides better integration of ATS and CRM

functionality and offers far superior  financial and performance forecasting in dashboard

formats to better support oversight and managing of business performance in “real time”.                                           AT FUTURE DATE


  1.   Resource Tracking should be used to the maximum by all staff and there should be zero                                      SALLY TO F/U

tolerance for failure to regularly update notes, comments, activities and files in this system.


  1.   Order and Install new firewall to improve internet speed in office                                                                               IN PROCESS/TBC


  1.   At the time the office is renovated, the computer wiring to all the desktops should                                                      IN PROCESS/ TBC

be cleaned up.


  1.   Security protocols for all desktop computers, etc. should be well documented and enforced.                                           IN PROCESS/TBC


  1.  Standardize system for log-in’s and passwords on all Company desktops                                                           IN PROCESS/TBC


  1.   Consideration should be given to selecting a new IT managed Service Provider and put                                    IN PROCESS/TBC

Company on Basic Service Plan to perform basic maintenance and troubleshoot routine

network and system issues


  1.   Replace current e-fax vendor with more competitive vendor                                                                           COMPLETED


  1.   Upgrade and standardize voice system to VOIP technology to enhance communication

capability to better support operations                                                                                                                  NOT NECESSARY








6.0    Management Reporting/ KPI                                                                                                           


  1.  In the absence of a more robust technology platform to run the core aspect of the business,

consideration should be given to exploring the cost of using an inexpensive Intranet system

to help produce some basic management reports to track and monitor performance of the

Company                                                                                                                                                                 AT FUTURE DATE


  1.  It is strongly recommended that a set of Key Performance Indicators be established to track and                           COMPLETED

monitor the core Recruiting operations as well as for establishing annual financial goals and

revenue targets for the Company. Additionally, KPI should be implemented to monitor and

evaluate the efficiency and accuracy of the onboarding, credentialing and workflow processes.                                                                   


7.0    Marketing | Business Development | Client Sales                                                  


  1.  Assign Roya to assist with building a strategic and effective social media presence for ABS.                                              COMPLETED

Ariel and Ira to provide the overall strategic direction to her and set weekly and monthly goals


  1.  As an alternative to utilizing Roya for the social media work long term, ABS should explore

outsourcing this function to a low cost social media firm that has significantly more capability

and experience than Roya and ABS in-house. Outsourced services could also include email

marketing and SEO optimization.                                                                                                                               AT FUTURE DATE


  1.  Purchase a Constant Contact or MailChimp license for the Company. A Constant Contact email

should be distributed weekly highlighting targeted news to Clients and candidates about Company.                               IN PROCESS/TBC


  1.  Significantly increase the positive candidate reviews and traffic on media outlets such as Yelp,

Glassdoors, etc.                                                                                                                                                     TO BE COMPLETED







  1.  Update the website to promote the full range of services, capacity and capability of ABS. The

website effectively communicates that ABS is a boutique firm. It can surely maintain that image,

but promote itself as well in a stronger and deeper way so that someone logging on to the website

doesn’t leave with the impression that ABS is a one-person company.                                                                     PENDING  DECISION


  1.  Consideration should be given to adding a business development/client relationship professional

to work with Ariel to help significantly advance  growth goals                                                                                    AT FUTURE DATE



8.0    Administrative & Legal



  1. Determine whether ABS is required or should file for Licensure as Employment Agency                                                   COMPLETED


  1. Re-do current Employment Offer Agreement to ABS Employees and review with ABS attorney                                      IN PROCESS/TBC


  1. Re-do and standardize all ABS Boiler Plate Client Contracts for Temp, Direct Hire and Executive

Search Services                                                                                                                                                           IN PROCESS/TBC


  1. Evaluate whether ABS is Business Associate under HIPAA with health and human service providers                                 COMPLETED






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