Introduction to Software and Development ( CIS020-1)

03 Apr

Introduction to Software Development

Assignment No. 1 – Portfolio Submission


Practical Exercises


Each week in CIS020-1 you have been provided with practical exercises to do in the lab sessions. The portfolio submission requires that you submit a selection of your work from these sessions for grading as Assignment 1.



The following Learning Outcomes will be addressed in this assignment:


LO1      Recognise and apply basic programming concepts related to high level programming, such as data types, identifiers, sequences, selections and iterations.

LO2      Become familiar with and apply the essential modelling concepts related to understanding systems such as input, output, processes and data storage.

LO3      Implement a program following the stages of analysis, design, implementation and testing using an up-to-date modelling language and a modern high level programming language.

LO4      Gain an elementary understanding of modelling and programming systems within an Object Oriented (OO) environment.

LO5      Demonstrate good practice in coding, use of test data and documentation.


































You should collect together four examples or your work produced in the practical sessions during Term 2. Two examples of your Python work. Two examples of your UML work.


Each practical sheet contains 3 parts (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). You need only submit should be  single part of a worksheet for each example.


You should submit one example for each workshop. For full details of the exercises required refer to Appendix 1.


The examples you include may be based on the files you have submitted each week through the DropBox but, you may wish to modify or reattempt work which you have previously submitted as a group individually.


Your work should be presented as a single .doc file and submitted through the E-Portfolio TurnitIn portal on BREO.

Required content:


Your document should present and discuss exactly four examples of your work, as described above, from the practical sessions to be graded:


2 of Python work and 2 pieces of UML work



Attention: Deviation from these requirements may be recorded as a non-submission


  1. Each piece of Python work should document both the code, examples and discussion of your solution.


  1. Each piece of UML work should be one of the questions plus your individual explanation of your work.


(See Appendix 1 for the layout)

Optional content:


  1. An opportunity to make a timed submission, worth an additional 20 marks will occur in week 22.



The work should be submitted as a single .doc document containing the four pieces of work. The templates provided below should be used to accompany each piece of work submitted. Diagrams and code should be copied directly into the document. The document that must include your ID and page numbers in the footer.


Attention: Poor formatting or presentation in your document will be penalised










Each piece of work will be awarded up to 20 marks and the total mark for the portfolio



The criteria for grading are as follows.



No submission Poor, unstructured work with little or no discernible merit Work lacking quality and structure with little or no evidence of  basic knowledge Work demonstrating only basic subject knowledge, or lacking in structure. Possibly incomplete Work demonstrating a good level of subject knowledge. Structured and presentation could be improved Work demonstrating a good level of subject knowledge. Good structure and presentation also Work demonstrating an excellent level of subject knowledge.

Excellent structure and presentation also


Grading criteria (Choosing your exercises):


Each piece of work you submit is worth 20% of the overall mark.


Grading is based on the level of understanding that you demonstrate through the work and explanations you submit. The workshops are typically divided into 3 sections graded according to their level of difficulty.( Part 3 is more challenging than Part 2, Part 2 is more challenging than Part 1) Although, any part submitted may result in a passing grade the most challenging work attracts the highest grades though poor or incomplete work will be graded accordingly. You are encouraged to submit the part you are most confident that you have completed correctly.



Submission details:


The doc file MUST be named as


where 1234567 should be replaced with your Student ID number.


Upload the .doc file via TurnItInUK link provided on BREO. Capture and save evidence of submission in a word document.


Submission must take place on or before 11:59pm on Friday 3rd of April 2017


You may be asked to demonstrate that the work submitted is all your own work.


Attention: Failure to name your file as required will be penalised














Appendix 1



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