Assignment Brief

03 Apr



Assignment Brief

Clear statement of the work that students are expected to undertake:

Part One

Your supervisor, Dave Clarke is having a meeting with Joe Nesbitt from Student Solutions Limited (‘SSL’) and has asked you to carry out some research to help him prepare for the meeting.

SSL has entered into a building contract with Davison Construction Limited (‘DCL’) in relation to the conversion of a house into five studios to provide student accommodation in Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne. The contract provided that Practical Completion of the works would take place by 1 May 2017.
Although there has been no formal communication from the DCL the project manager has intimated to Joe that the build is running approximately six weeks late.  Joe is very concerned about this as some prospective tenants of the studios want to see the completed units before they sign leases for next academic year.  If the work is not completed in May then a significant proportion of students will have returned to their family homes and it will be much harder to let the property.


Dave has asked you to consider what SSL’s legal rights and remedies are and what options they have at this stage.
An extract from the contract is provided.  Please note that in the contract:

The Employer = SSL
The Contractor = DCL
Your advice should take the form of a briefing note to Dave.


Part Two

You are being instructed by Harriet Flowerman from the Phoenix Pension Fund Limited, the landlord of 10 Monson Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1ND.  On a recent visit to this property Harriet noticed the unit was only open three days a week.  She mentioned this to the tenant who explained they were struggling to pay the rent and wanted to assign or sublet the lease to a start-up company “Go Flowers”.  Harriet has asked you to review the lease of 10 Monson Road and advise what the Pension Fund could or should do next.

Your advice should take the form of a professional letter of advice.
Part Three
You need to write a reflective commentary, which includes the following:
Description (short element)

Describe the most significant feedback events or issues.
What is the most important/interesting/useful/relevant aspect of the feedback? Analyse the feedback by thinking about it in depth and from different perspectives, and try to explain what it means to you.

Think carefully about what the feedback means for you and your ongoing progress as a learner
It is really important that the reflective component is an exploration and explanation of learning experiences and not just a description of them.


Additional Instructions to students:

This is an individual piece of work.
Whilst a professional style report is expected rather than an essay style for Parts One and Two your work must be fully referenced and a bibliography must be included. (Please see Cite them Right for further details on referencing).


Further Information


Learning Outcomes assessed in this assessment:

MLO1. Identify and explain the key principles of land law, tort, contract and landlord and tenant law.

MLO2. Interpret leases and other documentation relating to real estate transactions.

MLO3. Communicating advice to others.

MLO4. Problem-solving skills by applying your knowledge of law to construction, property and real estate challenges.

MLO5. You will have reflected about your professional skills development and considered how you will maximise your abilities as a professional advisor.
















Assessment Criteria/Mark Scheme:


Part One
·         Demonstrate an understanding of the construction contract;

·         Accurately identify and explain the current law in relation to liquidated damages with reference to relevant case law; and

·         Provide clear and concise advice including reasoned conclusions

Part Two
·         Accurately  identify and explain the key legal principles applicable to the scenario including reference to relevant case law and legislation;

·         Demonstrate a good understanding of the lease; and

·         Provide clear and concise advice including reasoned conclusions

Part Three
Marks will be awarded in this element of the submission for effectively communicating how reflection on experiences in KA4016 has impacted on learning and change.


Presentation and referencing – report style /presentation /grammar/ spelling / referencing and evidence of wider reading. 10%




Referencing Style:
APA 6th edition


Expected size of the submission:

Part One:  1,200 words

Part Two: 1,200 words
Part Three 800 words
The penalties for exceeding this limit:

10% over the word limit = 10% deduction of marks

20% over the word limit = 20% deduction of marks

30% over the word limit = 30% deduction of marks

40% or more over the word limit = 0% awarded


Assignment weighting: This assignment is worth 50% of the module marks







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