U51037 International Business

01 Apr

U51037 International Business

Assessment 2 (Individual Written Assignment)


This assignment constitutes 70% of the total module assessment.


This is an individual assignment.  Each student is required to submit a written report. 


This assignment needs to be based on the previous pitch for franchise contract. 


Learning outcomes assessed:

  1. Understand the theory and nature of international business and recognise the importance of institutions and forces which influence international business
  2. Explain and analyse the nature of business using international trade and FDI
  3. Examine and analyse contemporary issues and trends in business and international market
  4. Understand and assess the organisational, management and the environment in which international business operates
  5. Analyse international data from a range of sources
  6. Utilise the data to address a range of issues facing businesses operating in an international context.
  7. Use the above data to analyse the impact on international business




Now you assume another role.  You are the International Business Development Manager of Zara Home.  After listening to the presentation (in Assignment 1), you need to prepare a preliminary report for the Board of Directors, fully addressing the two parts below


  1. What are the benefits and risks of franchising to a retail group in the country chosen? (Malaysia) A brief evaluation on the benefits and risks is required.


  1. Propose an appropriate international business strategy (i.e. global, multi-domestic, or transnational strategy). A full explanation is required.  Further indication on the strategic impact on functional management, with explanations, is also required.


Part Tasks
 i.     Benefits and risks of franchising in the country (Malaysia)   i.     Relevant benefits and risks of franchise

ii.     Comments on the benefits and risks

ii.     International business strategies   i.           Possible international management orientation (i.e. ethnocentric, polycentric, geocentric, or regiocentric orientation) Must Apply One

ii.           Appropriate international business strategy (i.e. global, multi-domestic, or transnational strategy)

iii.           Impacts from the above on functional management (i.e. marketing, supply chain, and human resources)

iii.     Theory (Pick two)   i.     Theory of Absolute advantage

Specialization eg. Natural advantage, acquired advantage (Product technology, Process Technology) Greater efficiency, Higher global output

ii.     Theory of Comparative advantage

Consider like free trade can increase output (Comparative advantage and absolute disadvantage)

iii.     Theory of Factor Mobility

Production factors: (like Land, Labor and Capital)

iv.     Theory of International Product Life-cycle (Product Nature)

v.     Competitive Advantage of Nation

(Michael Porter)

iv.      Conclusion and recommendations vi.     Consolidated comments from the above

vii.     Further investigations or areas to be concerned, with a forward-looking perspective


  1. This assignment primarily aims to test the ability to apply relevant concepts and theories in the discipline of international business. Students need further research to support their work.  They may make reasonable assumptions, where necessary.


  1. A distinctive answer provides full explanations to all elements, and critically evaluates implications from the analysis.


  1. This assignment must be in the form of an essay with an introduction, body of the essay (broken down into sub-sections), and conclusion. Minimum font size is 12, minimum line spacing is 1½.


  1. This essay must comply with rules governing academic integrity. You should avoid plagiarism by citing all the papers that you have used within the text and listing them at the end of your essay. If you quote what others have said, you should place these within quotation marks and cite the source.


You should cite and reference your work using Harvard referencing


Your essay should be based on academic books, articles and studies (e.g. journal articles) and credible newspaper information (e.g. Financial Times).





Maximum 2,000 words (no 10% margin)




  1. All assignment must be submitted to Turnitin and the result, showing the percentage of matching and word count, be attached to your written report.
  2. All assignment must be submitted in hardcopies, with the cover pages attached, to the Tutor in class.



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