Course work

01 Apr


Module learning outcomes being assessed
1. Critically demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the complex organisational relationships of managing inventory, managing capacity and replenishment policies in the context of customer satisfaction and modern global business constraints.
3. Critically analyse, recommend and justify the selection of suitable logistics approaches for selected aspects of the global supply and distribution systems of various types of international enterprises.


This assignment requires you to write a 1500 word original essay answering the following question:




A number of challenges are faced by today’s global businesses. These include, for example, the need to apply appropriate supply chain configuration strategies to improve competitiveness and customer satisfaction.  One of these strategies can involve the application of the Fisher supply chain matrix.



The purpose of this assignment is for you to engage more comprehensively with the topic of supply chain performance. Students are required to critically analyse reputable journal articles which cover this topic.


Instructions to students


You are required to:

  1. A critical introduction to the Fisher supply chain matrix and why it assists organisations in designing appropriate supply chain configurations
  2. Critically analysis of the characteristics of Functional and Innovative products as defined by the Fisher Matrix
  3. Critically discuss the type of supply chain processes required for functional and innovative products

Please be aware of University guidelines on plagiarism, in all its forms. Once you have thought about the assignment and started some research, we would be happy to discuss with you your choice of journal article and topic. Please use a word guide of 1500 words (with a standard 10% tolerance either way in line with University standards), in an essay format, using the Coventry University Harvard style of referencing.


Criteria for Assessment


This table details the weightings of the five criteria by which your work will be assessed.


Criteria Proportion of overall module mark
1. Introduction/summary

·         Is the chosen topic well introduced and clearly defined?

2. Review of select literature

·         Have the most relevant theories and ideas regarding the Fisher supply chain matrix been critically discussed

·         What insights have been drawn from the literature?

3. Critical Analysis

·         Is there a clear and logical flow to the arguments presented?

·         Have the main findings been reviewed and are they consistent with research and practice?

·         Are arguments supported by theory and/or practice?

·         Is the discussion clear and coherent?

·         Is theory and practical aspects linked?

4. Presentation, grammar, spelling and referencing 10%
Total 100% (x 30% weighting)




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