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This lab is another extension of Lab 6. This time, you will not need to make major alterations to fulfil the requirements. Download the new data


Sample output has not been provided for this lab as there have been no additions to the layout from lab 6.



  1. Closely inspect the data file, the layout is the same BUT the ordering of the records has changed. Hint: look at education code!
  2. Continue to display employee class counts at the bottom of each page.


  1. Alter your program so that is has 2 output files instead of 1. This is a significant alteration BUT not nearly as significant as in lab #7. You can use the ordering of the data to your advantage!


    1. One output file will show all the Grads (‘G’), the other will show all Non-grads (‘N’).
    2. Remember that you will have to add a SELECT statement, an FD and 01, OPEN’s and CLOSE’s as well as the logic to write out the records. If you designed Lab #6 as recommended with paragraphs for N and G you should put the actual WRITE logic in the G and N paragraphs themselves. If you did NOT have G and N paragraphs you may choose to re-design a bit.
    3. In this version, you will be able to produce each report in entirety BEFORE moving on to the next. Therefore, you are required to use the same temporary variables for line / page counting and report totals (e.g. there should only be one variable for line counting, one variable for keeping track of the accumulated salaries for averages etc.). Again, think about how the ordering of the data can be exploited to achieve this.
  1. The only variables that need to be different are the output variables for the report heading, page counts and report totals.
    1. Pay extra attention to initialization / re-initialization of variables for producing each report. You will need to have slightly



  1. Totals and average salaries for each employee class at the end of the report should now be independent for grads and non-grads. In other words, averages should reflect only the employee that appear on each report. It is only necessary to print out the averages for that are applicable to the particular report. For example, the Non-Grad report will only show ‘Prog’ and ‘Jr Prog’ since all N’s are one of those categories.





  • A ZIP or 7z archive containing your ENTIRE VS2015 Native Cobol Console Project




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