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25 Mar



Faculty of Construction and Engineering


Assignment Brief


Purpose of this assignment

Be able to prepare a design specification to meet customer



You are the design engineer for a large manufacturing company based in London. Your company has

just installed the A8120 Conveyor system detailed below which is at the end of the production line

feeding the packaging and dispatch










A8120 Series Belt Conveyors: Overview

The A8120 aluminium conveyor is a medium/heavy duty belt conveyor, built for it’s

robustness it can cope with a wide variety of handling applications. Manufactured from extruded

aluminium with steel skid beds and 113dia drive drums the heavy duty belt conveyor range is a very

versatile easily maintained solution. The tension ends which house the drive and idler rollers are

easily removable making routine maintenance or drive changes very simple. The belts come with

ad track belt guidance system, improving belt life and making the conveyor safer for operator.


The A8120 heavy duty belt conveyor is regularly used for larger conveyor systems and for fully

automated production lines. Due to its versatility and robustness the A8120 is the perfect choice for

high/constant throughput applications where lengthy downtimes could be c


All A8120 heavy duty belt conveyors can be manufactured with bespoke leg frames (for additional

height adjustments), feet or castors, with adjustable or fixed side guides, end stops, under

and a full range of electrical control options.






Faculty of Construction and Engineering


A8120 Series Belt Conveyors:


A8/120                                                  Specification



Model                                                   A8120 Series Belt Conveyor



Construction                                        Extruded Aluminium



Description                                          120mm high, heavy duty aluminium belt conveyor. Available with a 113mm diameter motorised drive drum either end mounted or underslung.



Belt Widths                                          Standard from 280mm to 1230mm in 50mm increments. Other widths can be

catered for.



Terminal Rollers                                  Available with 113mm, 80mm and 38mm diameter terminal rollers as standard.

Other options may be available upon request.



Additions                                             All A8120 belt conveyors can be fitted with side guides, castors, non

frames and a whole range of control options. From start/stop to full PLC control.



The quality department wish to as part of their quality control process, automatically remove from the conveyor a component. As the company’s design engineer it is your duty to investigate this possibility.


The component size is 200mm long x 50mm high x 125mm wide.



Task 1

Establish the requirements to be included in your PDS using appropriate sources.


Task 2

Determine and present the major design parameters


Task 3

Prepare a complete comprehensive PDS, Refer to BS 7373 Guide to the preparation of specifications.



Task 4

Before the PDS is released to become a live official document, prove / demonstrate that it meets all

original requirements and criteria as set out in the scenario along with BS7373.













Faculty of Construction and Engineering



Evidence Checklist                                                                                                       [ tick boxes ]



Assignment in report format (contents list, summary, report and analysis, discussion

reference and appendices).


A well thought out discussion including appropriate reasons and suggestions.


Requirements to be included in the PDS have been established (Task 1).



Major design parameters have been presented (Task 2).



Comprehensive PDS prepared according to BS7373 proposed guidelines (Task 3)



Evidence that the PDS meets requirements (Task 4)



All references must be supplied using the Harvard System of referencing.











Assessment Criteria

A Pass grade is achieved by demonstrating competence in the performance of all of

above evidence.


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