22 Mar

Case Study Assessment Information
Scenario for the “Failure Analysis” part of this assignment is in the form of a client brief
in reviewing failures/literature documented in the past, critiquing investigative work
done, and systematically investigating the failure to provide detailed insights into the
case of
Deepwater Horizon BOP materials failure relating to the drilling pipe,
include specifically in your report:
1. Outline a brief background on the failure, operations, and its operating environment;
2. Delineate the problem and provide an analysis of the failure modes and potential
causes of failure based on an extensive review of literature;
3. Review and critique one of the “failure reports” as prepared by the experts; comment
specifically on whether the methodology is suitable and adequate based on your
extensive review of literature;
4. Comment on whether additional information or additional investigation is required (eg
sample testing or validation required); and
5. Recommend suitable solutions or rectification to the problem (based on certain
An oil and gas service and product provider, noting your failure analysis work has
decided to engage you to re-evaluate and re-consider the materials specification for its
annulus seal. In the light of recent publicised failures, the company has engaged
your firm to identify an alternate material for its
annulus seal.
Scenario for the “Materials Selection” part of this assignment is in the form of a client
1. Provide an outline and analysis of the performance requirements;
2. Evaluate and select an appropriate materials selection method;
3. Systematically justify your selection of materials for the equipment;
4. Comment on whether additional information or additional investigation is required;
5. Recommend suitable materials for the “shut-off valve” (based on certain
Following the submission of this report, there will be a scheduled 15mins “face-to-face”
oral interview with individual students to validate and confirm the learning outcomes.
Zoom video-conferencing will be used for external students to facilitate the interview.
Failure to participate in the interview could result in 0% being applied to Part A and Part
B of the report submitted.
The interview will be seeking to validate the student’s learning via their responses in the
1. Demonstrate a sound knowledge in relevant materials topics and the case study;
2. Explain the approaches and relevant findings in failure analysis and materials

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