TASK 2: researching Green ICT’s

21 Mar

TASK 2: researching Green ICT’s

Purpose:          Begin to develop your academic writing & information literacy skills.

Due Date:        

Length:            400 words approx.

Value:             5%



Computing hardware technologies, data centres, desktop PC’s all contribute to greenhouse emissions.  Further, the disposable nature of computing devices due to the rapid advances in technology means that there is also a large amount of e waste which includes hazardous materials.


What impact do the pervasive information and communication technologies have on global warming?  What can be done to ensure that our ICT industry develops much greener practices into the future?


Using at least 5 reputable resources (professional & peer reviewed) to outline some of the issues associated with sustainability and the ICT industry and possible solutions



  • Research sustainability issues associated with the iCT industry
  • Read at least 5 reputable resources (professional & peer reviewed)on this topic.
  • Write a short description of one of the issues of Green ICT and a possible/potential solution
  • Note the resources used for your review as they will be needed in the reference list
  • A reference list will be required for the sources using Harvard style ( see Lib Guide in Resources section in Learnline)


Submission guidelines

  • Provide evidence to support your arguments (i.e. you should reference your work using Harvard

author, date style).

  • DO NOT attach a separate word document (these will not be marked – they will receive 0)
  • Posts made after submission date will not be marked – they will receive 0



CONTENT ·         Appropriate Topic chosen (1)

·         Discussion covers required aspects (4)

·         Arguments supported by appropriate evidence (3)

WRITING ·         Writing has an appropriate structure (2)

·         Writing uses appropriate paraphrasing from source materials (1)

·         Paragraph structure includes a topic sentence, supporting sentences & concluding sentence (2)

REFERENCES ·        In text references are used to support arguments (1)

·        In text references are listed in the reference list (1)

·        Reference list is formatted in the appropriate style (1)

·        At least 5 sources included  (2)

ORIGINALITY ·        Some evidence of original thinking is obvious in the submission /2



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