Systems Administration

13 Mar

Systems Administration


For essays questions:

– Repeat each question above each response
– Answer in your own words




  1. Which of these may serve as a web application server? (Choose two or more.)

Select one or more:


  1. JBoss


  1. WebLogic


  1. Perl


  1. GlassFish


  1. Python


  1. Tomcat


  1. Apache


  1. PHP




  1. How do you typically configure an Apache web server’s behavior? (Choose one.)

Select one or more:


  1. Launch the Apache web console app and select settings, then restart the web server


  1. Use MCX to specify new configuration parameters


  1. Specify command line options to apache2ctl


  1. Edit config records in the httpd/Apache control database


  1. Edit httpd.conf or apache2.conf





  1. In conventional web client/server solutions, which of these technologies are processed or hosted primarily on the server’s side? (Choose two or more.)

Select one or more:


  1. MySQL


  1. JavaScript


  1. CGI


  1. XML


  1. Java


  1. Web proxy


  1. PHP


  1. Dynamic HTML




  1. Which web server has proven most popular since the dawn of the web? (Choose one.)

Select one or more:


  1. Exim


  1. Microsoft IIS


  1. PHP


  1. Apache


  1. Tomcat













  1. What does “PHP” stand for? (Choose one.)

Select one or more:


  1. Perl HTTP Processor


  1. Practical HTTP Processing (for Unix)


  1. (web) Proxy-Handling Protocol


  1. Program for Hypertext Proxying


  1. PHP Hypertext Preprocessor




  1. Which issues need to be considered differently when providing external web services versus internal web services?




  1. Give an example of a type of web-specific logging and how you might use the information.




  1. Describe what it means to scale web services vertically and horizontally. Explain why you might choose each depending on your environment and requirements.


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