13 Mar

a. Find recent (last 6 months) new story about children’s/ adolescents exposure to some form of community violence in one country in Asia (Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. . For example: teen sex trafficking, child trafficking, etc.)

      Acceptable news sources, but are not limited to : AP World News, BBC, Al Jezeera, CNN World News, Reuters PBS, NPR, The Times, The Washington Post, etc) *check attached files*
b. Also find out what is being done in this region/country to help children and their families cope with the violence in their community. This information should come from international groups who provide global assistance.
      Acceptable non-government agencies include, but are not limited to: United Nations, UNICEF (check attached files)
Write up section:
a.(NEWS STORY) A 100-150 word summary of the news story ( the country (IN ASIA)  who is responsible for the violence and why, who is the victim and why, how long has it been going on, what are the consequences to children/adolescents of the violence occurring in the country- cite the news article and provide a full reference)
b.(INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION REPORT) A 100-150 word summery of what is being done in this country (in ASIA) to address the problem (via the report from the international committee- what is the organization, who is being helped, who is doing the helping, what is being done to help, what more needs to be done, what are the constraints to helping, and is help effective, cite the report and provide a full reference)
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