Financial Accounting Research Project

11 Mar

Financial Accounting Research Project

Select a publicly traded corporation that was affected by the “dot-com” bubble / collapse. The written portion (main body) of your paper (not including title page, reference page, or financial statement links/ratios) must be three to five pages long. You must also create a seven to ten slide Power Point, which you will present to the class.

The components of the paper are:

  • A brief overview of the company: products made or services provided, location, size, etc.
  • Describe the company: who (founder/leaders), what (company details), when (founded, IPO, termination/buyout), where (company location), why (why affected)?
  • What was the outcome? Does the company still exist in any form? What could have been done differently?
  • Financial statements for the two years surrounding the collapse (post link only in paper and slides)
  • Analysis of financial statements: (1) current ratio, (2) acid test ratio, (3) debt to equity ratio, (4) total asset turnover, (5) return on common stockholder’s equity. (Include all five ratios for both years on slides and in paper). You must have ratios for two years
  • References: cite within the narrative; at least 3, do not use Wikipedia
  • Note: TurnItIn will be enabled

The organization of the paper is as follows:

Title Page

Main Body- 3 to 5 pages, 12 point font, double spaced, APA style

Reference page

Financial Statement Analysis-ratios for two years in table form

See the point grading worksheet (excel file) to help guide you to preparing a project that will earn you all 200 points.

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