Test 1 Chapters 1-5

08 Mar

Test 1 Chapters 1-5


ESSAY.  Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper.

  • What methods are used by MNCs to protect intellectual property rights?
  • According to the international codes of conduct, how should MNEs handle technology transfer overseas?
  • In reference to the GLOBE cultural dimensions, what does the performance orientation dimension measure? Which countries score high and low in performance orientation?
  • Explain the concepts of openness and resilience as they relate to intercultural communication.
  • In what ways might the American style of negotiation be misinterpreted in another culture?
  • How does the phenomenon of ethnicity affect the international manager?
  • Explain the differences between moral universalism, ethnocentrism, and ethical relativism. Which approach is best?




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