Human Trafficking in the San Fernando Valley

08 Mar

Topic: Human Trafficking in the San Fernando Valley – Exploring the Roles of Parks, Recreation, Tourism and Hospitality



Summarize issues (and dates f occurrence; a timeline format may be a helpful visual): social, political, economic, class, gender, ability, environmental, etc. factors that led to the community-in-crisis.  How have /could recreation, sport, hotel facilities, programs and philosophies be used to address these issues?  Which community assets can work together to address identified issues to empower the community.  What will happen in the future and why?  Will the community survive or be revitalized?  What are the key predictors?


The analysis portion of the paper should focus on the student’s reaction, ideas, and suggestions related to the topic as assigned. References from academic publications (journals, books) other than the textbook should be used in the analysis portion of the paper. The reviews you read and refer to in the paper should be approximately 5000 words, and include an APA style citation for all references including your textbook if that is used.  The textbook is not counted as a reference since it was selected by the instructor.  Similarly, incorporate or “import” relevant photos into the body of the paper, but these will not be included in the page total.


Following the reference page, the student will list 4-6 key discussion questions to be used during the class time.  Attention should be given to how the recreation, tourism, hospitality field intersects the issue (topic).


  • Census Data and Description of Community; including cultural diversity
  • News articles and scholarly journal articles that identify the problem(s) and possible solutions (social, education, economic, political, inter-group, cultural, infrastructure, etc.)
  • Community needs assessment (survey, interviews or focus groups); local history of interest. Much of the information needed to support your paper may be found online, so use library instruction to focus searches after you have received “the basics” from the librarian.
  • Attend community meeting, hearing on your chosen topic in a community
  • Include an asset map of community organizations and businesses, individuals and groups, existing public-private partnerships, relevant legislation, zoning or restrictions, etc. You may find an actual map on Google Maps or other digital application.
  • Discussion questions (make your audience think!)
  • One-page summary of your paper for each class member distributed on the date due (You may wish to use your USU free paper/printing allocation, but do not wait until the last minute, since machines break, may have poor printing quality or be in use by other students. Print the paper or handout the day before class to be sure.).


 Grades earned will be based on content, adherence to the described intent of the assignment, individual and original work, and class discussion of the review.  Oral summaries and discussions will/may be done in small groups (based on time available).  Depending on course priorities, discussions may occur on-line.  Please pay attention to the course schedule posted at the class web-site (Moodle) and oral instructions provided by the course instructor.


Next, think about the future of the community you are studying.  Identify (and provide copies) of grants published by three (3) organizations currently offering grants for youth and community development that might be relevant on your chosen career area, but applicable to any community setting.  Simply copy and paste the information (and the source) in an Appendix following the reference page.   Summarize strategies for using the funds available through the grants.


This is a 10-15 page research paper, minimum 20 peer-reviewed published journal articles+ 5 news media/blog sources, and relevant grant funding descriptions.  You may substitute 10 articles from professional publications for 10 peer-reviewed articles if this approach strengthens your paper.


Remember, this is primarily a research (scholarly) paper that demonstrates your ability to locate, understand and apply published sources to course content. Helpful Hit: Translate this description into a checklist and a timeline for accomplishing each component t be sure you will meet the due date.


Retain this assignment (in multiple formats such as USB, hard drive, e-portfolio, as well as original hard copy with comments). Next, improve this assignment for your RTM PORTFOLIO (RTM 490).  The purpose of the feedback (from instructor, other students, etc.) is to enhance performance so that your final portfolio version represents your best work to those reviewing!  Make changes prior to RTM 490; papers with comments are not accepted in the portfolio.


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