instructional manual

07 Mar

Prepare an instructional manual about yourself to provide current (and future) relational partners (or rps) so they know what to expect, how to interact effectively with them, and how to remedy matters when things go wrong.


Write a set of instructions (headed “Instructional Manual for Dealing with Me” intended for a relational partner in one particular role, such as a romantic partner, a co-worker, a roommate, a friend, an in-law, etc. Use your self-awareness and the material covered in this class to answer the following questions.

Please include the following headings and section in your paper:

Introductory paragraph – explain to the reader who this manual is designed for (feel free to include only your relational partner’s first name) and describe your relationship with this person (length of your relationship, how many times you interact with this person daily…).

A. What I do-what sorts of behavior you will see me doing much of the time we’re together; what I usually do in situations/relationships like this.

B. What I think/feel—what goes on underneath my skin (what you can’t see) in this kind of relationship; what I am likely to be thinking/feeling when we first get together; what I hope will happen between us; what general operating principles I will follow; how I usually feel; what my intentions are, and which intentions I usually fulfill and which I sometimes fail to realize.

C. Maintenance recommendations—what you should do to keep our relationship going well, e.g. what serves as “fuel” to sustain my energy and enthusiasm.

D. Safety recommendations—what I recommend you not do; what might disappoint or irritate or hurt me, and cause me to withdraw or feel annoyed.

E. Warning indicators—if you do “mishandle” me, what I’m likely to do at first to indicate something is going wrong; how you might know what I’m starting to get upset.

F. Repair procedures—when you do something that upsets me, what you might do to get things back on track (i.e. to heal or renew our relationship).

Grading Rubric:



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