Project Planning

06 Mar



The main project is to open a restaurant in downtown Clayton.  It is going to be a Sports bar and restaurant.  The restaurant will have a bar area but also have a dining area with both areas serving food.  The bar is working to set itself apart from other establishments in the Clayton area and support a high end clientele.  The bar area will have numerous TVs at various viewing angles to watch all sporting events, which will be weighted with the St. Louis teams.  The alcohol served will be high end and must differentiate from other restaurant but also be able to capture local tastes as well.


There are numerous other projects the company considered when selecting this as the priority for the company.  The investors considered a cigar bar, a high end steakhouse, an Asian Bistro house with exotic sushi, and a wine bar with a menu aligning to wine stock.


The food must have the normal American bar menu (burgers, appetizers, sandwiches) but also some things that will set the menu apart from other places.  The changes must have it’s own flair.  The restaurant must have a unique capability to view sports without having a TV on every wall in the eating area but yet be able to see the TVs from all angles.  It must be able to support various desires to watch different sports (baseball, football, hockey, soccer, basketball).  The bar must have taps at the tables in the dining room.


The restaurant should also have space to reserve for private parties.  There should be a reservation system for seating.  It should have ample room for patrons waiting for tables.


The restaurant should be in a prime location in the heart of Clayton.  Parking availability is going to have an impact on the location.  Parking should have valet parking and self-parking.  Buying vs. renting a building/location should be determined as part of the project.


The budget to put the restaurant in operation is separate than the building acquisition process.  Budget to establish the restaurant should not exceed $750K with an additional management reserve of $125K.


Your key stakeholders are the owners, Clayton Chamber of Commerce, patrons, area companies, staffing, etc.


The opening date for the restaurant is to be open by Sept 1, 2017 in time for football, hockey and the end of the baseball season.



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