Group Assignment

27 Feb


Your Group/Product Management Team has just been informed by Senior Management at your company that it must grow the business. In order to do this, your company has set aside funding for the team that comes up with the best new product concept, line extension or modification. You have been given 6 weeks to develop a new product concept and the initial marketing plan. You are scheduled to present to the Senior Management Team!



  • The assignment is to develop a new product concept and create and deliver a high level marketing plan/presentation to support your idea. Your presentation should demonstrate your team’s knowledge of the both the product its market potential and how it fits within the overall strategy of the organization. The assignment is worth 150 points.
  • You must create and deliver a presentation a maximum of 25 minutes in length, followed by a brief questions and answer period. (All information you wish to have evaluated should be included in the presentation or within the notes section of the slides you submit.)


New Concept Product
Target Segment, Type, Involvement, Influences, Buyer Behavior  
New Concept Rationale
Extension/Modification, Category, Diffusion, Life Cycle, Positioning Map  
New Product Mix
Brand Fit and New Product Mix matrix and Concept Competitive Advantage

Packaging, branding and labeling (requirements/functions)

New Concept Price
Pricing Objective, Strategy, Tactics and Methods, Demand Analysis      (elasticity/equilibrium)  
New Concept Distribution
Market Coverage, Supply Chain, Intensity,  Channel Intermediaries & Functions  
New Concept Overall Communications Process
Goals and Tasks, AIDA Stage and Plan  
New Concept Sales Plan
Sales Strategy, Proposed Push / Pull Strategy  
New Concept Advertising Plan
Objectives, Advertising Type(s), Media Type(s)/Rationale, Product Attributes and Benefits and Tagline  
New Concept Promotions and Public Relations Plan
Objectives, Sales Promotions Plan and Trade Promotions Plan  
New Public Relations Plans and Social Strategies
Define PR & Sponsorships Plans  and Social Objectives and Implementation Plans  


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