27 Feb

A PEER REVIEW for C AND H, Write 4 specific categories separately. Don’t make it a paper. I want each categories. Maybe 3-5 sentences for each categories. And give a score for each parts. Full points for each part is 3. need it in 4 hours. Make words gently and friendly.


Choose at least FOUR categories and type specific comments: (1) what the writer did well (their strengths) and (2) your suggestions for revision. To receive credit for the peer review, your comments should be specific, substantial, and constructive. Vague or overly effusive (i.e. too much of “this is really good”) comments will not receive full credit.



  1. Argument

Significant, specific, and arguable major claim about the topic; major claim supported by sub-claims; acknowledgement of other perspectives, arguments, or conceptions about the claim; claim is strengthened by discussion of counter-claims; overall clarity of purpose and cohesion

  1. Evidence

Claim supported by a variety of evidence; evidence quoted, summarized, and/or paraphrased; no “quote bombs”; evidence is substantial, credible, and reliable

  1. Analysis

Claim supported by explanation and analysis of evidence provided; claim supported by explicit or implicit articulation of the stakes (the “so what”); analysis is cohesive, developing smoothly to the conclusion

  1. Transitions & Organization

Smooth transitions and logical organization; easy to follow from one paragraph to the next; good balance of writer’s analysis and outside evidence; sub-claims (generally) appear as topic sentences.

  1. Language & Scope

Narrow and focused introduction; narrow scope of the paper; substantial enough to teach something important to the reader, but not too broad as to cover too much; use of academic language and academic reasoning; no “I” voice; language appropriate and accessible for a wide audience




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