Why is business-IT alignment important for an e-enterprise, and how can it be achieved?

20 Feb

Evidence of Knowledge 1. Detail and depth of subject knowledge 2. Relevance of the knowledge to the topic 3. Level of understanding of the knowledge

Evidence of Scholarship 1. Critical scrutiny of the evidence/literature 2. Ability to integrate theory and practice 3. Ability to make logical and coherent arguments 4. Ability to use examples to illustrate arguments 5. Reasoning and balance in reaching judgement

Originality & Independence 1. Evidence of original, creative approach and independence 2. Ability to challenge and question existing approaches

Evidence of Presentation, Structure and Style 1. Clarity of organisation & structure 2. Fluency, grammar and spelling 3. References – Must follow the Harvard (author-year) style

It is expected that whichever topic is selected, it contains a discussion on what “e-enterprise” is to set the context of the essay

Research – it is required to conduct research in a sufficient scope and depth; use of academic material (journal/conference papers) is expected rather than relying on commercial materials or websites only.

Understanding of the subject matter – there should be demonstration of understanding of existing theories, frameworks, approaches or methods, which you adopt in your work; use of your own tables, diagrams, etc., is encouraged.

Application of theory/methods – your understanding of existing work is applied in investigation of a chosen domain or a problem, with an effective use of examples, case studies, etc.

Critical writing essential – not just descriptive and avoid being prescriptive.

Structure – it is expected that sections and subsections (numbered) are introduced, to provide a structure and to assist the flow; the essay should start with ‘Introduction’ and end with ‘Conclusion’.

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