MGMT 325 Social Responsibility and Ethics in Management

20 Feb

Each module will consist of one discussion question. These discussions will be posted in the
Discussion Board area of the course site. Students are expected to become actively engaged in
the discussions by posting reflections and replying thoughtfully to the ideas presented by
classmates. In this process, they are expected to use appropriate language and show respect
for the opinions of others, recognizing that points of view can differ from their own.
Guidelines to support these discussions are provided in the Start Here section and Module 1 of
the course. The evaluation of each discussion will be made on the basis of participation and
quality of messages and replies. In order to receive full credit, students must respond to the
question and to at least two other student’s message, thus posting at least three times in each
of the two discussions planned for each module.
Ethical Issues Discussion
Ethical Issues discussions will be in modules 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9. Students will discuss a
question that focuses on one or more main issues studied in the module. Students must prepare
for the discussions by completing the reading assignments and then post a thoughtful reflection
using the concepts studied in the reading materials.
After the initial posting, students are expected to review the messages posted by classmates
and reply to at least two other students on different days. The point of this discussion
requirement is to deepen the dialogue and analysis of the issues that are being studied.
Students are expected to use this discussion area to seek and support clarity, understanding,
and perspectives about the issues studied.
Ethics in Practice Discussion
Ethics in Practice discussion analysis will be in modules 2, and 6. Students will read and
analyze an assigned situation from the textbook. For this discussion, students must determine
the facts and assumptions of the situation, the major overriding issues or problems, sub-issues
and related issues that may need consideration, the stakeholders, do a CSR analysis, and
make an evaluation and a recommendation.
Students are expected to post this analysis, answer the questions at the end of the case, and
interact with other students by responding to at least two of their postings on different days.

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Case Studies
Cases are assigned in each module. Students must first study the case. Then they are asked to
thoroughly answer the questions at the end of each case. The text, at a minimum, should be
listed as a reference for all case studies. However, to gain full points, at least one outside
source must be consulted and listed.
Midterm Exam
The Midterm Exam will cover Modules 1-4 and chapters 1-9 of the textbook. It will consist of
both multiple-choice and short-answer questions and be completed online. The Midterm Exam
will take place during the 4th week of the session and will be worth a maximum of 100 points.
Research Paper
The Research Paper will involve outside reading on an ethical or social responsibility issue
related to the aviation, aerospace, or airport industries. Outside sources of information can be
obtained from books, magazines, newspapers, a personal interview, and the Internet. Students
are expected to read, understand, and summarize issues and ideas in accordance with current
APA Writing Style Guide. Students must put the information in their own words.
In this course, copying large blocks of information and assembling this information into a report
is unacceptable. Information that is taken or quoted directly from a reference must be followed
by the appropriate citation giving credit to the author(s). Students must use a minimum of five
current sources of reliable and valid information, excluding the textbook. The paper must be
typed, double-spaced and be in 12-point Times New Roman type. It should be 6 to 8 pages long
excluding the cover page and the reference page.
Students are expected to be familiar with the sources they cite and to understand the
vocabulary, concepts, and arguments they use when writing the research report. The penalty for
plagiarism or citing nonexistent references is a failing grade for this course. NOTE: All reports
submitted for grading in this course will be submitted to Turnitin where the text of the paper is
compared against information contained in the database. Reports submitted may also be
included in the database and become source documents for the purpose of detecting future
Submitting the same research paper to more than one course is considered self-plagiarism and
results in a failing grade in this course.
Final Exam
The Final Exam will cover the overall concepts of the course with emphasis on Chapters 10-19
of the textbook. It will consist of multiple-choice, short answer and essay questions and be
completed online. The Final Exam will take place during the last week of the session and will be
worth a maximum of 100 points.

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