Assignment #6

20 Feb

Assignment #6 due Wed 2/22 and Thursday 2/23


For this assignment begin working on your group presentations for the week of 2/27.


As a group, you will be responsible for presenting the major concepts and terms from your assigned chapter.  You should, to the best of your ability, explain the basic tenets and implications of the version of the parallel universe outlined in the chapter.  In addition, you should present and explain each major concept and term(8-10 important term) that Greene introduces to help explain the potential existence and theoretical basis for the parallel universe.  Finally, you should work to relate how Greene works to make the conceptual material accessible; what analogies does he use, what kind of scaffolding does he use, what rhetorical techniques does he use, what else stands out to you in the writing, etc.?


Some questions to help guide discussion of the concepts and key terms:

-What are they?

-Why are they important?

-What is difficult about them?

-What is interesting or unusual about them?

-How do they relate, or how are they different from other concepts that we’ve discussed?


Some questions to help guide discussion of the writing:

-What real world analogies does Greene use to help relate the information?  How are these helpful?  How do they fall short?

-How does Greene work to meet the needs of his readers?

-How does Greene use the classical appeals?



By class on Wed 2/22 and Thurs 2/23 (respectively), each student should begin reading/skimming the assigned chapter, and compile a list of major concepts, terms, and rhetorical choices that Greene uses in the chapter along with definitions (of terms) and a brief analysis of the rhetorical aspects of the chapter.  Finally, each student should write a brief summary of the major themes of the chapter.  This material should be uploaded to your group site on Blackboard AND submitted as Assignment #6 to be graded.


Focus on Science and the Inaccessible I and II, talk about what is author want to say in this section. What is important information in this section .


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