Instructions for Assignment

19 Feb

Instructions for Assignment


You are the Title IX officer for the Chico Unified School District. Your district has received the attached complaint letter from the Office of Civil Rights ( Summarize the key facts of the complaint.


  • Cite the specific allegations made by OCR regarding non-compliance.
  • Discuss the reasoning of OCR in connection with the specific requirements of Title IX regulations.
  • Discuss strategies for responding to the complaint, including “best practices” or department policies to become compliant with Title IX requirements.

Your paper should be no more than 4 pages (excluding title page and references). Submit the assignment as a Word or PDF document through Blackboard following the previous prescribed format. Your response should include references to module readings and outside sources that support your analysis.

See the course schedule for the Module 3 Assignment due date. You will be graded according to the attached rubric.



SASM 6280

Grading Rubric

Module 3 Assignment: Title IX Complaint Summary

An excellent paper will meet the following criteria:

Complaint Summary Content (60%)

The summary clearly and concisely summarizes the key facts of the complaint, including the

specific allegations made by the OCR regarding non-compliance.

Provides a thorough discussion of the reasoning of the OCR, with effective connections to

the applicable requirements of Title IX regulations.

Includes a detailed and logical explanation of strategies to respond to the complaint.

Effectively supports the analysis with module materials and outside resources where


Mechanics (40%)

Conforms to the required format, as indicated in the assignment instructions.

Demonstrates precise, professional language and word choice; uses well-structured and

varied sentences.

Contains no spelling or grammatical errors.

Correctly uses APA format for references. All sources cited in the reference page are also

cited in the paper. Effectively paraphrases source materials


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