Classroom Conflict Assignment 3

19 Feb

Classroom Conflict Assignment 3

150 response each


1.On page 19 are “seven recommendations for teacher behaviors related to motivating students to learn.”  Choose two of these and describe in concrete term how you follow these recommendations in your teaching practice.  If you are not yet a practicing teacher (some of you are and some are not), please give two specific examples of practices that you have seen other teachers use, or that you intend to use when you are a teacher.


  1. Beginning on the bottom of page 37 are five scenarios for you to interact with.  The text asks the reader to perform a three-part response to these scenarios.  Choose any two out of these five and, “(1) identify the problem; (2) decide whether the problem is one of student management or motivation, or both; and (3) formulate a hypothesis that could apply to successful problem resolution.”


BUT WAIT!!!  I know what you might be thinking.  You may notice that the authors actually do this assignment for you in the paragraphs that follow the five scenarios – they provide their own analysis.  So, you could just restate what the authors say and be done with it.  Right?  Well, no, not really.  I would like to know what YOU think, and whether or not you agree with the authors.  So, when you perform the three tasks above, do it with the following thoughts in mind and include it in your answer in some way: 1) what do YOU believe, and 2) how is that the same or different from what the authors suggest?

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