corporate entrepreneurship ecosystem

13 Feb
Consider the ‘map’ of a corporate entrepreneurship ecosystem we developed in-class (attached). Add (or subtract) any items you feel are less/ir-relevant. Then…
Choose a single product from the following list (the same list from Assignment 3 – and you can choose the same product). Map out the corporate entrepreneurship ecosystem that led to the development of this product, using publicly-available information.
  • Mac, iPodiTunesiPhoneiCloud inside of Apple
  • Gmail, Google News, AdSensedriverless cars, Google Glass and other innovations inside of Google
  • The numerous divisions launched by Virgin: Air, hotel, casino, books, music, Megastore, mobile, wines, games, Galactic
  • PlayStation inside of Sony
  • Saturn inside of General Motors
  • Post-It Notes inside of 3M
  • Elixir Guitar Strings inside of W.L. Gore (makers of GoreTex)
  • SkunkWorks fighter jet project inside of Lockheed Aircraft
  • Java programming language inside of Sun Microsystems
  • Digital Light Processing technology inside of Texas Instruments
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