ALA 102 Spring 2017 Landscapes and Sustainability

13 Feb

ALA 102 Spring 2017 Landscapes and Sustainability            Student Name: ____________________

Assignment #1: Site Analysis                                     Total points toward grade: 5 Points

DUE via Blackboard by 6:00pm on February 13th (Instructions for submission will be provided on blackboard)


Select a location on or near campus, visit the place and undertake a site analysis. The location should be an outdoor site that is used by people and should be of modest size so you can incorporate some detail about it (e.g., a street block, a plaza bounded by buildings and streets). You will consider landscape analysis components discussed in the lecture 3 (e.g., biological, physical, social, cultural, infrastructural attributes) in order to understand how the site currently works and perhaps how well it may have been designed in the first place.  Site analysis is an important step in the design process that helps a designer understand the influencing factors that should be considered.


Complete the following tasks as thoroughly as possible based on what you are able to observe about site characteristics and how people using the site in responding to site conditions.


  1. On a sheet of paper, make a plan view sketch of the site and the elements included within or bounding it (e.g., streets, sidewalks, landscaped areas, buildings, benches, lighting, trees). Be sure to label these elements. A plan view is looking from above. You may create symbols to represent each element shown on the plan. It doesn’t have to be properly scaled but try to get it to read as clearly as possible.




  1. Describe the natural elements on the site and interpret how they may influence the use of the site by people, plants, and animals (e.g., sunlight, vegetation, soil, water, wind)




  1. Describe the man-made elements of the site (e.g., paving, benches, stairs, planters, curbs, lighting, buildings, utilities) and observe and interpret how they are used and influence activity on the site (e.g., when and where people sit or do what type of activities, what animals present and how they behave)




  1. Describe sensory elements on the site and interpret how they might affect the activities of humans and animals (e.g., noise, light, temperature, odors, textures, colors).





  1. Briefly describe what you think the intended uses are designed for this space. Provide an overview of how you think all of these conditions affect the use of the site. Make any suggestions that you might have about how you might make this site function better for its intended use. Make any suggestions about how this site could be made more sustainable (e.g., conserve resources, provide greater levels of human comfort, use local materials, incorporate multiple uses, provide inclusive access).
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