Assessment 2: Business Research Proposal (40%)

11 Feb

Assessment 2: Business Research Proposal (40%)


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  • Information
Business Research Proposal (40%)

Due: Questionnaire: Session 6, Friday 17 February 2017 

Research Proposal: Session 8 Friday 3 March 2017

Length No more than 1,500 words (Business Research Proposal)

No more than 3 pages (Questionnaire)

Format Short report (Business Research Proposal)
Due Date Questionnaire: Session 6, Friday, February 17, 2017.

Research Proposal: Session 8, Friday, March 3, 2017.

Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) is a not-for-profit, industry-owned company. It works in partnership with Australia’s horticulture industries to invest in research, development and marketing programs that provide benefit to industry and the wider community. Recent Australian data has shown that children’s intake of vegetables is inadequate with only 25% of the younger age-groups consuming the recommended levels of daily serves. The figures for broccoli are even worse.


Assume that you have been hired as a research consultant to carry out a project which seeks to collect information from a variety of sources to understand why many children do not consume broccoli.

Your assignment must include all relevant sections of a research proposal. Your research proposal will perform a communication function. It will help the HA executives decide what are the barriers in vegetable consumption. A questionnaire has to be submitted by each student in Session 6. The feedback provided for individual questionnaire should be used to make changes and develop final questionnaire which needs to be submitted with the research proposal in week 8.

The assessment (Research Proposal) requires application of critical thinking and problem solving abilities to make informed decisions for enterprise futures within global Business contextsto reflect the achievement of course-level learning outcomes (CLOs) 3.




Part A: Questionnaire (10%)

The questionnaire should be designed to achieve the following research objectives: 1.      To determine the importance of vegetables (amongst parents) in an Australian household

2.      To determine the current consumption levels of broccoli in an Australian household

3.      To determine the type of associations Australians have with broccoli

4.      To determine respondents’ consumption intentions for broccoli over the next few days

  • Marking criteria and standards
Applies knowledge (i.e. reference to measurement and scales) to the relevant Business situation Application of relevant knowledge (related to measurement and scales) is not evident Some use of knowledge related to scales and measurement Good use of knowledge related to scales and measurement. Comprehensive use of knowledge related to measurement and scales. Applies knowledge related to measurement and scales systematically; Demonstrates the synthesis of relevant theory and skills
0 1 2 3 4-5
Wording and content No attention paid to the wording/ content checklist. Major revisions needed with the wording / content. Visible effort made to apply theory; some questions may not gather relevant information. Overall good effort; however some errors are visible. Design principles have been applied throughout.
0 0.5 1 2 3
Overall structure and presentation Structure and presentation ignored. Basic layout; Major issues with sequence; physical flow. A visible effort to present a reasonable layout. Questions are generally well presented but some issues with the design. Excellent layout; flow; sequence and other physical characteristics
0 0.5 1 1.5 2
  • Marking criteria and standards – Research proposal (30%)
Identification of enterprise research problem through secondary data analysis – demonstrates ability to interpret (define) practical marketing problem or issue. Limited knowledge in identifying and interpreting practical marketing research problem Problems are identified; however problem definitions are based on vague interpretations Demonstrates adequate knowledge in identifying and interpreting research problems; however discussion is inconsistent and relationship described seems patchy. Demonstrates satisfactory knowledge; both issues are identified and interpreted correctly but lacks at in-depth discussion required for outstanding achievement. Demonstrates very good understanding and interpretation of marketing research problem; define problems from management and research perspectives and discussion explains the difference.
1 2 3 4 5
Ability to critically analyze and evaluate marketing research problem based on relevant theories and concepts Ability to critically analyze and evaluate marketing research problem is very poor; discussion mainly based on general knowledge


Some knowledge of relevant concepts and principles but demonstrates little ability to connect theories with the specific research problem in hand. Adequate knowledge on critically analyzing and evaluating research problem based on relevant theories; however little use of the most relevant theories that are more appropriate in the given situation. Critically analyses and evaluates marketing research problem; identifies important relevant theories; explanations are clear and connections are well established; however discussion does not involve compare/contrast elements. Superior knowledge and excellent application of relevant concepts and principles to specified marketing problem. Discussion includes comparing and contrasting views of theories and analyze situation based on different concepts.
1 2 3 4 5
Propose to conduct appropriate research based on analysis and evaluation of the problem; research plan to communicate methodologies (i.e. research design, questionnaire design, data collection, statistical analyses etc.) Proposed research plan does not address marketing problem; proposed methods (i.e. sampling, questionnaire design, data collection, statistical analysis etc.)  inadequate/ not appropriate. Proposed research plan addresses marketing problem partially or superficially; proposed methods (i.e. sampling, questionnaire design, data collection, statistical analysis etc.)   below average. Proposed research plan addresses most aspects of marketing problem; proposed  methods(i.e. sampling, questionnaire design, data collection, statistical analysis etc.)  satisfactory. Proposed research plan addresses all aspects of marketing problem; above average methods for sampling, questionnaire design, data collection, statistical analysis.. Proposed research plan addresses all aspects of marketing problem; overall plan and research methods(i.e. sampling, questionnaire design, data collection, statistical analysis etc.)   well  supported by theory and prior evidence
1-3 2-4 5-6 6-7 7-10
Draw conclusions, propose and justify a solution to the research problem, considering specialist and /or non-specialist audiences No conclusion or conclusion does not completely summarize the content of the report; Solutions are not provided or provided in manner not understandable by the general audience Conclusion summarizes the content but only provides a hazy picture of the situation; solutions are not based on the relevant discussion; dominant use of technical words not apprehensible by non-specialist audience. Conclusion follows logical sequence and covers highlights of important information; solutions are not realistic but reasonable as they make some sense thinking from theoretical perspective; largely written for specialist audiences. Well-crafted conclusion with highlights of important information; proposed solutions are specific, logical and in line with main discussion; however justifications for the proposed solutions are not provided;   mixed use of technical and non-technical words. Outstanding conclusion drawn – clear, precise and consistent. Solutions are creative and supported by proper justifications; discussion follows conversational style and easily understandable by the general audience; uses required technical words which demonstrates good understanding of research concepts.
1 2 3 4 5
Demonstrate systematic knowledge of contemporary developments/ issues related with identified research problems Demonstrate some or no understanding on addressing and discussing issues based on the recent change in the research environment. While reference to the change in the environment is mentioned, it largely focuses on old information bearing little relevance with the research problem in hand. Identifies and address issues based on the recent change; while some of those changes may be relevant with current research problems, other issues are not clearly explained. Good understanding on the recent change and clearly connects those change in light of the current research problem; most of the issues are relevant with clear discussion Outstanding effort reflected through the identification of changes from other industries to support arguments; uses very recent information to strongly suggest the need to address those issues.
1 2 3 4 5


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