09 Feb

1. After Hall v. State case, Chinese Americans _____________.

2.Which Amendment Chinese Americans would likely use to defend their equal rights and fair treatment throughout the 19th and 20th century?

3.The major objective of the “Yamato Colony” in California stated in your text was to ______.

4.Among the following which economic sector hired the least number of Japanese immigrants in 1920?

5.After Takao Ozawa court case, __________________.

6.What was not the reason why the larger percentage of Chinese immigrants were traders in the 19th century?

7.Among the following, which factor did not contribute to the formation of Asian bachelor society in California in the late 19th century?

8.Based upon the text and lecture, what was not the reason why the majority of early Japanese immigrants engaged in farming?

9.The Court for the case of Hall v. State accepted that _______________.

10.After reading the text, you would know that the early Japanese immigrants in Hawaii in the middle of the 19th century and California in the late 19th century felt  ____ toward the early Chinese immigrants.

11.Even though Chinese American men’s sexual assault against white women was extremely rare in the 19th century, the Anglo society rationalized anti-Chinese movements with the fear of imagined Chinese men’s sexual assault.


12.After reading the text we can conclude that the early Chinese immigrants in the middle of the 19th century faced more serious, harsh racial prejudice than the early Japanese immigrants in the late 19th century.


13.After reading the text, we can conclude that the Chinese Americans in the early 20th century were less interested in permanently settling down in the U.S. than the Japanese counterpart in the same period.


14.What was the biggest national event in Japan that pushed poor or landless farmers to Hawaii and California in  the 1860’s?

A.Meiji Revolution  B.    Opium War  C.Taiping Rebellion D.  Gentlemen’s Agreement

15.Among the following which occupation was not the common one for the Chinese immigrants in the early 20th century?

A.laundry worker B.tourism industry worker C.building contrator. worker

16.On the issue of Wong Kim Ark court case, which sentence makes the least sense?

A.Wong Kim Ark’s major legal support was the 14th Amendment.

b.The attorney used habeas corpus right for his client.

C.Wong Kim Ark tried to become a naturalized citizen using the 14th Amendment.

D.The Court agreed that Wong Kim Ark was an American citizen and had the same privilege as white Americans had


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