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  • An organisation that sells sporting goods decides that its strategy will be selling goods online so that running costs are lower and savings can be passed on to customers. What might the employees’ performance management objectives be to ensure that the organisation’s strategy is successful? 3 examples.
  • Find an example of a strategy or operational plan for a business organisation. Analyse the strategic to identify relevant objectives/goals that employees might be asked to achieve as a part of the organisation’s performance management system and summarise your findings.


  • Identify the competency and standard in each of KPIs provided:
  • Customers are greeted within five minutes of entering the store
  • Orders are recorded with 99% accuracy
  • Facilitate weekly team meetings
  • Minutes of meetings are recorded and distributed to participants with 24 hours of meeting
  • Hands are washed before every food is prepared
  • Office suppliers are ordered within monthly budgets.
  • Pays are calculated with 100% accuracy
  • Revenue forecasts are completed by July 31steach year
  • Five sales are to be made per week
  • Develop 3 KPIs for a particular job (eg personal assistant, real state agent). Explain why you think these performance indicators are sound in approx. 50-75 words.


  • What are the normal time frames for formal performance management sessions? (20-50 words)
  • Develop a set of processes for formal performance management sessions that could be distributed to managers to ensure that formal performance management sessions are run effectively. The set of processes should be similar to a set of instructions outlining what managers need to do step by step (1-2 pages)


  • Identify 4 employment situations/variations that a performance management system should be flexible enough to cover.
  • Explain how a performance management system might be flexible enough to cover the range of employment situations provided. How might this requirement be handled? (20 -50 words per situation)
  • The claims officers of an insurance organisation are required to attend weekly team meetings to discuss performance; however, a number of claims staff work from home.
  • A manufacturer of dog food has the main aim increasing sales of their dog food in supermarkets. What might the KPIs of a salesperson and their personal assistant be?
  • A car detailing service requires its workers to detail four cars per 8 hour shift. One employee only work for four hours each day.


  • Who are five of the key stakeholders in a performance management system?
  • What key features do you think a performance management system should have? Why?
  • You have been asked to carry out a performance appraisal for the data entry and word processing staff in your organisation. What method of performance management would have the features to conduct these appraisals successfully? Explain (50-70 words)



  • Identify whether the following gaps are skills or performance gaps
  • A number of employees are inputting formatting customer invoices incorrectly as they were not taught how to do the in their induction training
  • A number of employees are not telling customers about warranties on products as they believe the details of the warranty are too complicated.
  • Many employees are not providing a report that summarise their sales each month as they were unaware that they were required to do so.
  • An organisation’s line managers are not handling arguments between employees well as they poor conflict management skills.
  • Many employees are failing to proofread descriptions they have written for placement on the organisation’s website as they believe that this should be done by data entry staff
  • Many employees are failing to cross-sell to clients because they are unsure as to how to introduce the topic of complementary products into conversations with clients
  • Staff are not recording points earned for purchases on client’s loyalty card because they do not know how to do that at the same time as processing sales
  • Claims staff in an organisation are failing to call customers to tell them that their claims have been denied, as they feel they are not paid enough to tolerate customer abuse.
  • Your organisation manufactures and sells business suits. You have notices a significant increase in the number of suits being returned due to poor workmanship. You suspect this is caused by a performance gap. How would you go about monitoring performance to identify performance gaps? (100-150 words)


Why do you think line managers need to monitor performance regularly? Provide 5 reasons.A line manager has informed you that one the employees they supervise has been performing poorly. They have been showing up late work and their computer data input has often been inaccurate. How would you advise them to intervene? (75-100 words)An employee has just dealt with a very difficult customer. When dealing with the customer’s complaint, the employee lost their temper and yelled at the customer who, in turn, pledged to never do business with the organisation again. The employee is very upset and is crying. How would you intervene to address the performance issue in this situation? (75-100 words)You are working for an advertising agency. You feel that one of the employees you supervise should be terminated as a result of poor performance. You feel that they are too old to understand the requirements of advertising in the digital age. You believe that they are too concerned with print advertisement and fail to provide clients with the opportunity to advertise on the internet. You work in a store that sells whitegoods. You believe that the performance of one of the store’s sales staff is poor. They do just enough to get by. They are civil when dealing with customers but not friendly. They meet sales target but never exceed them. You decide that you will ask them to resign and suggest that they find a job that they are more suited to. Is this a legal way to deal with poor performance? Explain (50-75 words)


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