Article Critique Essay

02 Feb



Article Critique Essay


Instructions/Requirements: Read/analyze the selected article and write an article critique that is 6.5 pages long (excluding cover and reference list page) and must be double-spaced.  The paper must adhere to APA style guidelines.  Please include in-text citations. 

*Due February 5, 2017


The article critique must include the following information:


  • Summarize why the article is important for students taking a measurement and evaluation course in human resources development.


  • Discuss how the article relates to measurement and evaluation in human resource development?


  • Discuss why is it important to enhance our understanding in measurement and evaluation?


  • Summarize the article’s content and use your own words to paraphrase; avoid copying from the article abstract. *Also, this particular section is not to exceed 2 pages.


  • Discuss the practical applications (if any) of the article for practitioners


  • Discuss what practitioners should be able to do or to learn regarding measurement and evaluation after reading the article.


  • Discuss any weaknesses or any occasions when you think the author’s theory, model, process, or ideas will not work and explain why with literature support.



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