TAEASS502B Design and develop assessment tools

25 Jan

Assessment Two – Case Study
Jill has recently developed an assessment tool to assess school based students in the unit BSBFLM309C Support continuous improvement systems and processes.

Your organisation has recently signed up 10 frontline managers who work for a well known car manufacturer. One of the units to be delivered and assessed is BSBFLM309 Support continuous improvement systems and processes.

Element 2 of this unit is provided below:
Element    Performance Criteria
2. Monitor and report on specified outcomes     2.1 Utilise the organisation’s systems and technology to monitor team progress and to identify ways in which planning and operations could be improved

2.2 Apply continuous improvement techniques and processes to improve customer service

The assessment tool Jill developed for element 2 of this unit is below:
Task 1
Approach an organisation you are familiar with or one you would like to work for. Interview a manager/supervisor of the organisation to gain information about their continuous improvement processes. Answer the following questions:
Question 1. What system/s is used to monitor team progress?
Question 2. What reports or information does the system provide to enable effective monitoring?
Question 3. How could planning or operations be improved using the available system/s?

Task 2
Prepare a short report detailing how the organisation studied in Task 1 could improve an aspect of its customer service. Your report should be approximately 700 words and should be formatted to demonstrate a continuous improvement approach such as the one below:
•    Background information (overview of company, current system/s used and type of information collected)
•    Overview of the issue (describe a customer service issue and its root causes)
•    Solution (describe a possible solution)
•    Monitoring method (mechanisms to check whether the solution is achieving the desired results)

Assessment Task 1
Your supervisor has asked you to analyse the assessment tool developed by Jill and contextualise the assessment tool so that it can be issued to the group of frontline managers. This will involve changing the wording of each task and creating three (3) additional assessment questions.

The purpose of this task is for you to demonstrate that you can customise an existing assessment tool to suit a new group of learners.

Note: your modified assessment tool must address Element 2 of the unit BSBFLM309.

Provide the customised assessment tool below.

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