CIS8011 Digital Innovation

11 Jan

You have been hired as a consultant by an organization/Business. The company is a small to medium business which specialises in selling goods and services primarily using their contact centre.

Recently they had a significant growth in sales. Upon reviewing the sales calls they have found that they have a low conversion rate. The recent increase was due to a marketing campaign in which they hired a number of temporary staff to perform a lot of outgoing calls. The executives want to verify this suspicion but are not aware of how to do this. If the trend is valid they would like to find ways to increase the outgoing call volume without having to hire a large number of temporary staff members. If the trend is not valid they would like to know how they could increase the conversion rate.

The Chief Executive Office and Chief Information Officer was impressed by analysis of the contact centre. They would like you to explore the solutions a little further by analysing how to potentially adopt some of your digital innovation recommendations into the organisation. They are interested in understanding which technology needs to be adopted, how it can be integrated, any structural or managerial changes which are needed and how to build digital trust within the community and market place. The organisation does not have a lot of additional capital and as such requires a detailed cost benefit analysis to be performed and KPI’s to be identified to ensure the digital innovation is being integrated in an efficient and effective manner.




o letter of transmittal

o Executive Summary


  • Adoption of digital innovation
  • Integration into existing environment
  • Cost benefit analysis of digital innovation

o Impacts to organisational structure

  • structure
  • Outline how to build Digital Trust for the Digital Innovation

o Recommendations

o Conclusion

– References

o 20 References at least

o Relevant citations within the report

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