Healthcare Administration Discussion question

06 Jan

1,  Decision making is a central part of being a manager. It is important to have a “process” when making a decision. A ‘process’ outlines the steps used to choose one alternative over another when making a decision. All managers follow the same basic steps in decision making . Steps include: Define the problem; analyze the problem; develop alternatives; select the best alternative; take action, and follow up (evaluate the outcome). Think about an important decision you had to make and discuss the steps you took to make the decision. Also, assume you are a supervisor in a healthcare organization. You have a difficult decision to make between cutting costs, which may entail laying off employees, and cutting services to the needy in the community. What issues will you be considering in making your decision? How will you decide?

2. Identify one strategy to improve communication effectiveness and provide an example. Discuss the challenges of informal communication (i.e. the grapevine) and how a supervisor might use it to effectively to spread accurate information. Provide an example.

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