Critically assess the role of the New York Convention in the enforcement of arbitration awards

05 Jan



  1. Critically assess the role of the New York Convention in the enforcement of arbitration awards.


  • 3500 words.
  • At least 20 footnotes.
  • Case law to be relied on
  • Bibliography and table of contents must


Introduction: (300 words max)


  1. Overview and things the paper shall address


Arbitration Awards under the NYC.(300 words max)


  1. what is an award?
  2. What are the various types of awards?
  3. What is the New York convention on enforcement of awards?
  4. When and why did it come into force?
  5. What were its objectives and core mandate?
  6. Who are the current members and how does one become part of it?


Enforcement of awards under the New York Convention (900 words max)


  1. Recognition and enforcement distinguished
  2. Who does the NYC convention apply to?
  3. Which decisions can be enforced?
  4. How can they be enforced?
  5. Refusal of enforcement: when does it occur?
  6. Aftermath and recourse of refusal of enforcement
  7. Cases that have been solved by the convention


The New York Convention and other regimes (1500 words)


  1. Comparison of the NYC with other regimes e.g. UNCITRAL
  2. Legal issues that arise out of the NYC e.g. as regards implementation and execution of foreign awards etc
  3. Effectiveness of the convention
  4. Pros and cons of the Convention
  5. Controversy as a result of the NYC
  6. Current debates on the NYC: eg Does it suit the modern age, problems not anticipated by the drafters etc


Criticism: 500(words)


  1. What are its shortcomings? Is it a good legislation?
  2. Recommendations
  3. Conclusion
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