Unit 2: Working in the Science Industry

02 Jan
Task  P4
  • Use the Worksheets for P4 which shows different types of records/data.  From this list you need to decide which types of data/records should be kept and stored on a workplace record system in a college laboratory.  Give your reason(s) for each type of record that you have chosen.

o   Describe the procedures for storing scientific information in a laboratory information management system (LIMS).

Task  M4
To achieve M4 you must write an essay to explain how scientific data and records are stored with the need for security and confidentiality when using a LIMS to run a laboratory. Also shown in your essay is the understanding of how the COSHH Regulations 2002 and the Data Protection Act 1998  are applied.
Task  D3
A well-constructed essay should be used for D3.  You need to discuss with evidence the advantages of keeping data and records in a LIMS.

The required evidence can be drawn from the course content and internet research (with references clearly cited).


Notes for doing D3:

In addition to advantages, any disadvantage of using LIMS should also be mentioned.  The use of IT skills in the transfer of the Access database to Microsoft Excel, and vice versa, when using LIMS should also be discussed. You should also analyse the costs and amount of training required, and discuss the many advantages gained by keeping data and records on a  LIMS despite any disadvantage that the LIMS may have.

D3  is an independent Task



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