How did these decisions create the conditions for the upcoming global war?

23 Dec

The cognitive perspective and social psychology


  1. Explain
  2. Describe the cognitive perspectives starting point and the key concepts in perspective.
  3. Describe the social psychologies point of view, some social psychological concepts and some classic experiments within it.


  1. Discuss and evaluate
  2. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the cognitive perspective.
  3. Discuss what kind of strengths and weaknesses the social psychological perspective have.


  1. Analyze and discuss

The task below is based on the movie “Die Welle”

  1. Explain by using concepts from the cognitive and social psychological perspective- why the adolescents in the movie are drawn into “Die Welle”.
  2. Discuss also if the film has given a fair idea of how people work in social contexts. In your discussion, you should support in what you come up with in the social psychological experiments.

NOTE: Beware that you need to avoid repeat the explanation of concepts and experiments that you gave in answer 1 and 2 when doing so!

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