Engineering Project Management

23 Dec

Engineering Project Management


Final Exam

Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability:


1) You have a manager who informs you that the year long project (linear spend plan) they are executing currently (use today’s date) has spent half their budget of $500K, and they show a CPI of 1.16 and an SPI of 0.82. What is your prediction for the project? (On what date will this project finish and what is your ETC?) Why do you believe this to be true? What do you intend to do with the project team tomorrow?


2) You have been assigned a new project within your firm. Your supervisor has made it clear that the project must be completed within 6 months, and must not exceed $300K in expense to the firm, and you have been provided a very detailed description of the project scope. What steps do you intend to follow to maximize your chances of project success prior to beginning the execution of the project?


3) You are the Project Manager of a typical project within your company. You have five indirect reports working on this project, all from different departments of the organization. Three of these reports are providing exceptional results, but two members of the group are not producing. Overall your project is still on schedule and budget, thanks to your best people. What do you intend to do about this situation?


4) You have read the article entitled Macgregor, and would like to implement the managerial system proposed in the publication. Explain how you will implement the technique in a manufacturing facility similar to his, noting time to implement, personnel requirements and productivity of the plant during the transition.


5) For each of the project life-cycle phases, identify the three things that in your judgment you must consider for that phase in order to maximize your project success. (As an example, in the planning phase you would likely focus on the Budget as well as other things).

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